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Create your memes now

Create your memes now

Make memes fast with free meme templates.

Using Adobe Express as a design tool to create memes is simple, thanks to the dozens of free meme templates. If you have a funny idea for content but need the image to go along with it, you can use a free meme template to get started fast. With Adobe Express, you can choose from a wide selection of free meme templates to create a meme of your choice simply by selecting the templates icon in the app and performing a quick search of the keyword you have in mind. Thanks to the built-in AI and professional themes, you can remix a meme to reflect the look you want and achieve a high-quality look in moments.

Make viral content with free meme templates.

One of the best parts about memes is that they can make your content go viral fast. But it also calls for a little strategy. Choose a free meme template from Adobe Express and use a witty caption to make your meme memorable. For instance, you can choose a free meme template of a puppy in a suit and add a caption underneath your post that starts a conversation. You can also pick illustrations or icons that catch your audience's attention to make viral content when you use the free templates via the Adobe Express app.

Customize your free meme templates.

Make a meme stand out by customizing the free meme templates you get with Adobe Express. With this easy design tool, you can make memes memorable by adjusting the appearance of your original meme template when you tap on the design icon. Just select a design you like, and Adobe Express keeps the essential elements of your original meme, such as the text, and remixes it with the new design's color palette and typography.

Consider customizing your meme by adding cool effects or animations, such as applying the Zoom animation effect or adding the Lighten filter. You can also personalize your free meme templates by adding a GIPHY sticker, adding a logo, or changing the text.

Save time with free meme templates.

Creating memes shouldn't have to take a whole afternoon or even an hour. If you're short on time but want to make a lasting impact, you can use our free meme templates to create memorable memes in a matter of seconds. All it takes is finding a meme template that fits your content. You can click the Templates link and type in words that match your content in the search bar. You can also share your content instantly via Instagram, Facebook, or other social media accounts right from your smartphone or tablet. Just select the social media icons below your post to get started.

Final thoughts.

Whether you want to create a meme for the holidays or make a meme stand out to get your community of followers engaged with your content, a meme is a great device to get your audience engaged. Luckily, you don't have to come up with a memorable meme on your own when you use design tools with free meme templates like Adobe Express. Save time by taking advantage of the cool features from the free meme templates on Adobe Express and download the app to make a meme in minutes.