12 Incredible Travel Stories to Inspire Your Wanderlust

We’ve got jet setting on our minds and wanderlust in our eyes thanks to these incredible Adobe Spark travel stories. Check out these incredible visual stories from locals and in-the-know adventurers in our global Spark community that will have you setting your flight alerts.

Feel small in the Last Frontier

Photographer Steven Dempsey invites us to “feel small… in a good way” with this stunning photo journal chronicling his summer road trip through Alaska.

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Discover the many sides of Cuba

Tour guide Mike Fowler takes us into the bustling city streets of Havana, the lush countryside of Vinales Valley, and the beautiful beaches of Varadero.

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Bask in the midnight sun in Iceland

Hikes and puffins and bergs, oh my! Explore the ruggedly beautiful landscapes and tantalizing cuisine of Iceland in this lovely travelogue by Simon Vieracker.

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Get that Rocky Mountain high

From Garden of the Gods to the Flatirons and Vail, this short video is a nice reminder that some of the most spectacular sights are in our own backyard. At the very least it’s enough to inspire us to lace up our wafflestompers and get on that trail.

Explore the street vendors of Vietnam

Ajinkya Gote’s brilliant photos capture the colorful sights of Vietnam’s street food as well as gorgeous panoramas

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Deep dive into Weimar’s musical history

Orchestra conductor André Lousada explores cities where the music he loves was born and creates thorough itineraries for fellow music enthusiasts. This guide through Weimar, Germany where composers such as Bach and Hummel got their starts even comes complete with a map of the destinations.

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Explore the mystifying temple city of Kanchipuram, India

The brilliant temple motifs are rivaled only by gorgeous handwoven silk saris. A pioneer of the silk weaving trade takes you through her town in this Page. (https://spark.adobe.com/page/oHiDw/)

Enjoy a city stroll in Bruges, Belgium

We love this delightful video for highlighting the simple pleasures of walking through a new town. Spark Video’s Watercolor theme makes this simple slideshow video feel like a title sequence of a Woody Allen film, fitting for the charming castle town of Bruges.

See the heart of Provence like a local

Travel company Pathbreakers has the guide to help you do it.

Glamp in the Himalayas

If the night sky looks this brilliant in a Page, imagine what it’s like in person. (https://spark.adobe.com/page/TNAXE/)

Experience the beauty of Greek islands for cheap

And help revitalize a destination that welcomed refugees when many would not. One avid traveler tells you why this forgotten hot-spot is worthy of your vacation time. (https://spark.adobe.com/page/HfDB2/)

Explore Scotland’s pastoral north coast

“Scotland exists in a time-warped utopian state, where clansmen in kilts wander wild hills and glens – with bonnie lassies in tow – in search of inspiration and adventure. Ah, paradise,” writes this author. Um, we want to go to there. (https://spark.adobe.com/page/UtqlF/)

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Header image by Ajinkya Gote