15 inspiring professional portfolios and how to create your own with Adobe Express

A graphic design featuring large blue 3D cylinders stacked over a teal gradient background.

Whether you work in a creative industry or corporate field, having a professional portfolio is an excellent personal resource, and an absolute must for visual creatives. Think of your portfolio as a visual archive of your accomplishments to supplement your resume or CV. A well-executed, professional portfolio hosted online offers nearly endless digital real estate, letting you share as much of your work as you’d like without physical or space constraints. Get inspired with these 15 high quality examples of creative professional portfolios, then learn how to create your own with Adobe Express.


Portfolio inspiration for all kinds of professionals and artists

We’ve gathered a collection of portfolios by a diverse spread of creators on Behance so that you can gather inspiration for your own. The featured creators hail from all over the world, demonstrating a range of sensibilities and aesthetics.

  1. Mariam Moftah’s illustration porfolio for a collection of digital art foregrounds the human touch of all things hand-drawn.
  2. Mari Phsuturi’s playful portfolio for graphic designers and 3D artists incorporates aesthetics that run the gamut from contemporary to historic.
  3. M Choice channels the aesthetics of vintage video games in Pixel Art Portfolio.
  4. Tanya Dyo shows off an intimate and sensitive side of tattooing with this portfolio for a tattoo artist.
  5. Nhu Nguyen creates a futuristic fantasy world in this 3D artist portfolio.
  6. Fresha Zalsabila operates at the intersection of decorative and sleek modernity for this digital fashion portfolio.
  7. Using color-blocking and imagery of art in progress as backgrounds, Ann Soroka serves up this portfolio for an abstract artist.
  8. Sharon Kravanja channels a more personal aesthetic with hand-done decoration and text in this UX/UI designer portfolio.
  9. Alyssha Gallardo’s portfolio design shows a diversity of work with a strong sense of playful geometry and focused color palette.
  10. Designs by Miên Ơi are shown across a variety of mediums in this illustrative portfolio.
  11. Thais Varela lets the photography be the focus in this pared-down but visually engaging portfolio.
  12. Angga Futuh Nudju uses the medium of collage to present a dynamic and intricate visual feast of images.
  13. Dominik Scherrer’s thoughtful and minimal aesthetic is mirrored in this industrial product design portfolio.
  14. Colorful imagery and striking typography are two of the highlights in this portfolio by Marie Pommier.
  15. Rahma Ngm layers a creative patchwork of aesthetics and animation in this compelling portfolio.

Creating your professional portfolio with Adobe Express

Adobe Express makes it easy to present your work in beautiful, organized ways with a wide selection of professional-looking templates.

Open Adobe Express

Launch Adobe Express from your browser and search “portfolio” to begin your project. Take some time to hand-pick your best portfolio pieces and choose ones that fit the industry to which you’re applying. Then, upload it to Adobe Express.

Choose a free online portfolio template

Get inspired and browse our wide collection of portfolio template styles to choose from. Pick one that best matches your brand or business, or one that reflects your personality best. You can even create a standout video portfolio, too, if you’d like.

Add your brand, logo, colors, & more

Apply your branded assets such as logo, color themes, and fonts in one click with the Brand Kit. Drag and drop icons, images, videos, and so much more anywhere on your online portfolio until you’re satisfied. If you plan on creating a video-style portfolio, you can even add animated effects to any element in your project to capture your viewer’s attention.

Customize your online portfolio

Take your time to build out your portfolio. Curate the work you think best reflects your skillsets, styles, and achievements. Add text to further build the narrative surrounding your professional work to help portfolio viewers follow along. If there’s video footage or photos you’ll be attaching, you can also edit them in the same project using the Adjustments menu.

Save and share online

Select Preview to view your online portfolio as a slideshow and make sure your professional journey reads well visually. Download and save as a PDF to post on your website or LinkedIn or print it out on high-quality paper. If you need to make changes or updates to your online portfolio, Adobe Express auto-saves your work so you can go back and edit anytime.

Free remixable templates to kick off your professional portfolio

Get your professional portfolio mocked up, polished, and ready to share in just minutes with Adobe Express. Start with inspiration at your fingertips with tons of free professional portfolio templates to choose from. Drag and drop icons, graphics, text, and more for the exact look and feel you’re going for. Tailor the finer details of your portfolio to best fit the requirements of the job or potential employer in mind, then attach it with the rest of the application materials you’ll be sending out.