16 Social Media Designs to Ring in Fall

As much as we might protest, summer is coming to a close. Vacations posts are fewer and farther between on our news feeds, kids are heading back to school, and soon we’ll be trading iced coffees for pumpkin spice lattes. Whether you’re trying to move the rest of your summer inventory, preparing for a busy back-to-school season, or wanting to reflect on the fun you’ve had, these 16 designs are picture-perfect for this transition time of year. Remix them with your content and message to make them your own.

Relive your best summer memories

1. Highlight your best photos in a collage.
Create a collage for Instagram featuring your favorite snapshots or use this graphic to promote a blog post or photo journal of your summer adventures on Twitter or Facebook. Whatever your platform of choice is, resizing is as easy as one tap.


  1. Pump up your Instagram slideshow.

Upgrade your Instagram Slideshows by using a graphic to set up the photos in the series. Pro-tip: you can tag individual photos to give credit to the places and experiences that made it into your slideshow. See more Instagram tips for travelers!


  1. Set up a great Instagram story.

Instagram Stories exploded this summer but we have a feeling it wasn’t just a summer trend. Use a graphic like this to set up your story. You can even add an animation to take it to the next level.


Announce your end of summer sales

These sales-driving designs communicate efficiently and squeeze the most out of the season’s bright, breezy style. Read on for insight into how on-point design can help you reach business goals.

4. Capitalize on trendy design elements.
This design has a lot going for it—Watermelons! Pink!..so hot right now. But what really makes this stand out is the strong connection between copy and image. We love the playful, yet urgent, double entendre in the call to action, which would definitely earn likes.


5. Communicate a clear message in summer colors.
This ad also has a clear and simple message hierarchy, and we love how the a color within the image is used in the text elements, which is another nice way to tie your image and text together. Use Spark Post‘s color picker to automatically extract a color from your background image for piece of text or backing shape.


6. Double down on plant-mania!
Lush plant imagery was a major trend this summer, so any time you can integrate of-the-moment imagery and colors in your designs, the more likely people will linger on your content in the feed.


Celebrate the new season

7-11. Give yourself complelety over to the new season!
We’re trading watermelons for pumpkins and candy colors for jewel tones. Get a jump on this season’s creative with fresh fall visuals to get the creative juices going.






Get pumped for back to school

12. Hook ’em with eye-catching designs.
Are you in charge of recruiting for a program or organization? A pull-quote or testimonial with your design is a super efficient way communicate the value of your club or organization.


13. Try this new shade.
We love the collegiate vibe to the type in this design and the bold hue to mark a new season. Graphics like this can spruce up your social feeds or even your classroom when made into posters.


14. Turn precious memories into keepsakes in a snap.
Whether you’re posting on social for friends and family or printing out designs for a scrapbook or school project, capturing the moment with Spark is easy and fast enough to get you right back to the moment.


15. Keep it simple.
A good flyer can make all the difference, especially if you’re trying to get a club off the ground. This one is super clean–we love how a pop of color helps draw eyes in. The what, when, and where are all communicated, but there’s no extra, unnecessary clutter.


16. Pay one last homage to summer.
Simple, to the point, and the colors in this image recall that gorgeous end-of-summer light.


What are you excited about this fall? Tell us with a Spark, don’t forget to add #AdobeSpark.