3 Design and Creativity Lessons from The Tech Rabbi

Happy 2021 Teachers! Hopefully you have been able to harness the power of technology and combine it with solid teaching principles to create meaningful learning for your students in 2020.

Now, consider adding creative design activities with ease. Educator Michael Cohen, also known as The Tech Rabbi, is on a mission to help educators around the world tap into their own creative abilities in order to empower students to solve complex problems as they grow to and become positive global contributors. He partnered with us at Adobe Education to create lessons that expand the use of design and creativity for students of all ages!

Elementary School Science and Design:

Design a Cell

Students engage with biology by considering the big question: How is the structure of a cell like a miniature city?

Access the lesson here: https://edex.adobe.com/resource/v7c769862

Secondary School Math:

Set Up Your Shop

Students learn to represent mathematical data and make decisions by engaging with the big question: If you opened a shop today, how much merchandise do you need to get started?

Access the lesson here: https://edex.adobe.com/resource/v1af16b5a

Secondary School Design and Other Subjects:

Designing to Create a Better Tomorrow

High school and early college students explore unique career pathways by engaging with a big question: How can product design help your career opportunities?

Access the lesson here: https://edex.adobe.com/resource/v4466b817

But Wait! There is More…

The attached resources for this are ready for students to use, including step-by-step guides and all the resources they need to get started. There are over 350 of these lessons on the Adobe education exchange.

If you need help to deploy Adobe Spark in your classroom, check out the Adobe Spark for Education website for options on how to get your student accounts set up.

If you need a tutorial on how to use Adobe Spark in the classroom, here are three short tutorials that will get you up and running in no time.

Good luck with the projects and please share your work with our Adobe Creative Educator community on social media using the hashtag #AdobeEduCreative so we can give you a digital round of applause and learn from you!

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