5 Adobe Spark Templates To Start The School Year

Start The School Year With Adobe Spark

“School looks completely different this year.” “We don’t know when we’ll be getting back to normal.” We are hearing lots of comments like this. As if it weren’t difficult enough to get a school year successfully off the ground, now we are faced with even more uncertainty.

But if you have Adobe Spark tools, you can prepare for back to school and thrive as it progresses. A great resource at your fingertips, Adobe Spark tools are super user-friendly–they come already prepared and sized to fit multiple platforms and purposes. Use them to create graphics, videos and webpages to establish relationships and connect with students. Available templates are practical, engaging and aesthetically beautiful. Best of all, THEY SAVE PRECIOUS TIME! Someone else has done the work of preparing templates for multiple uses, and all teachers need to do is quickly and easily customize them to fit multiple purposes.

These templates can be easily customized and infused with meaningful, forward-thinking pedagogy. Teachers can build community and communicate expectations in a friendly and non-threatening manner that creates engagement and establishes a common ground for learning, even in remote circumstances.

Get Started With Adobe Spark With These Templates

These templates make it easy to get started with Adobe Spark! With an Adobe Spark account, you have access to thousands of templates created by teachers (& others) that you can choose from and make your own.

But there’s more! I have specially created the following five templates to get you started this school year. Each is remixable and ready-to-create:

  1. Course Syllabus Template

2. Online Class Background Header
For Google Classroom
For Microsoft Teams

3. Acceptable Use Guidelines – Pledge Poster Template

4. ‘Get to Know Me Template’ for teachers and students

5. Exit Ticket

If you have an idea and need to create a template of your own, it’s pretty easy! Check out Claudio Zavala Jr.’s video tutorial HERE.

You don’t need to feel alone in establishing strong relationships and planning a successful start to the school year. Adobe Spark is here to help with templates for all kinds of class activities at your fingertips–indispensable tools for a positive class experience.

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