6 Under-the-Radar Vacation Destinations

We’ve got jet setting on our minds and wanderlust in our eyes thanks to these incredible Spark travel stories. From India’s silk trade capital to a tourist-free Greek island, these guides from locals and in-the-know adventurers in our global Spark community will have you setting your flight alerts.

Explore the mystifying temple city of Kanchipuram, India**
The brilliant temple motifs are rivaled only by gorgeous handwoven silk saris. A pioneer of the silk weaving trade takes you through her town in this Page:

Enjoy a city stroll in Bruges, Belgium.
We love this delightful video for highlighting the simple pleasures of walking through a new town. Charming pictures flash on the screen, like a Woody Allen title sequence.

See the heart of Provence like a local.
Travel company Pathbreakers has the guide to help you do it:

Experience the beauty of Greek islands.
And help revitalize a destination that welcomed refugees when many would not. One avid traveler tells you why this forgotten hot-spot is worthy of your vacation time:

Explore Scotland’s peaceful, pastoral north coast.
“Scotland exists in a time-warped utopian state, where clansmen in kilts wander wild hills and glens – with bonnie lassies in tow – in search of inspiration and adventure. Ah, paradise,” writes this author. Um, we want to go to there.

Glamp in the Himalayas
If the night sky looks this brilliant in a Page, imagine what it’s like in person.

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