60+ quotes for newly graduated seniors

Five young adult students attending their graduation, all wearing traditional dark colored commencement robes and mortarboard hats with gold tassels hanging on the side.

Graduating is no small achievement, and no minor milestone. It’s a big day, so say something big. Major themes like reflection, inspiration, and celebration are all a great place to start, but there’s no wrong way to think about making a statement for graduation. Whether it's part of a commencement speech or an idea for a social media post, these more than 60+ quotes for a newly graduated senior can all help inspire the perfect statement to mark the end of one chapter and the beginning of another.



Inspirational graduation quotes

These quotes are for getting your people inspired, motivated, totally teary-eyed, and on their feet clapping. Send the mood sky high with some of this soaring rhetoric.

Funny graduation quotes

It’s also a celebration, so why not lighten up a little? Try some humor on for size and get your fellow grads laughing as you remember the good times and the bad.

Academic achievement graduation quotes

You and your classmates just did an incredible thing. An education is the key to countless doors, and the fruits of academic endeavors will be so, so sweet. Celebrate those big brains of yours with these quotes focused on the importance of knowledge and learning.

Future and career growth graduation quotes

Maybe you're just getting started, and it's time to get that hustle and grind mindset into gear. Rev up your friends with some dream-big words of wisdom.

Life lessons graduation quotes

Now that you’ve earned a degree, you’ve certainly got some wisdom to impart to your alumni cohort. Blow some minds with a few choice words about living life right.

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