Create a brand kit from scratch or from an existing library

A logo for a bakery Description automatically generated



Creating your brand kit from an existing library

These steps create a brand kit from an existing library you may have from Photoshop and Illustrator to make it simple to access your brand assets as you design. Once you convert your library to a brand in Adobe Express, it will move to the Brands tab. In other apps, it will still be available as a library.

  1. From Home or the Editor, navigate to Your Stuff > Libraries.
  2. Hover over your desired library and click Use as brand.

To organize your assets, right-click the asset and select Edit tag. The options include:

  1. Specifying whether your color is primary, secondary, or none
  2. Specifying whether your font is header, body, or none
  3. Specifying whether your graphic is a logo (in which case, it will be moved to the Logo section of your brand kit)

The clicker selects “Use as brand” appearing over a library thumbnail on the Libraries page || step1_Create-a-brand-kit-from-scratch-or-from-an-existing-Library_900x506

Apply your brand kit to your design

Now that you’ve created a brand in Adobe Express, you’ll be able to apply your logo, fonts, colors, graphics, and templates within seconds. To apply your brand fonts or colors, just click the font or color picker in the Editor for quick and easy access. Your logos, graphics, and templates can be found in Your stuff > Brands.

You can always access and edit your brand kit either in the Editor or at Home, by navigating to Your stuff > Brands.

Creating your brand kit from scratch

  1. From Home or the Editor, navigate to Your Stuff > Brands.
  2. Select Create brand.
  3. Type in a brand name and click Create.

Now you can upload your logo, colors, fonts, graphics, and templates. To learn how to set up and use these elements, see below:






The Brand screen shows options to upload a logo, colors, fonts, graphics, and templates || step2_Create-a-brand-kit-from-scratch-or-from-an-existing-Library_900x506.jpg

The dropdown menu from the “Edit tag” option shows primary and secondary tags || step1_Create-a-brand-kit-from-scratch-or-from-an-existing-Library_900x506.jpg

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