CoCreate Business Moves: How a Juicery Supercharged its Social Media

Adobe Spark enlisted social media strategists to work with their favorite small businesses to help them makeover their social media presence. This story is part of a series exploring the unique challenges facing small businesses today, as well as the creative ways business owners are rising to the occasion, with a little help from a friend.

About the Business

Opening its doors in 2019, Fruit De La Vie is a women-founded business serving up fresh-pressed juices and plant-based foods to the local community of Manitoba, Canada. Sprouting from her own health and wellness journey, founder Jelina Opina is on a health mission to share organic and farm-grown nutrition served fresh at their brick-and-mortar location and through delivery.

About the Strategist

Charmaine Jennings is a social media guru and creator of Strategic Charm Boutique, where she helps women in business share their brand story and connect with dream clients and customers online. With the local community always top of mind for Charmaine, partnering with owner Jeline of Fruit De La Vie was a seamless pairing.

The Challenge

Pre-pandemic, this budding business had grand plans for 2020, including in-person tastings, grocery store events, social initiatives, and other grassroots marketing opportunities aimed at winning new fans. But with the tumult of 2020, Jeline and the team were pressed to pivot their operating model, moving to distribute offerings through online orders and introducing curbside pickup and delivery. The operational shift and hustle meant little time for developing their social brand and presence — and with 50-70% of their online shoppers being return customers, they saw the real risk of losing customers.

The Spark-Made Solution

Inspired by Jeline’s goal to stay close to her customer base with content that inspires a path to health and wellness, Charmaine and the team used Spark to design a series of templates around a few different topics, including:

These topics help them hit their communication goals and have the added benefit of being reusable and remixable. By creating a set of templates on each theme, the owners are now able to quickly adapt the content for each product offering, review, recipe or more.

The Results

With the time saved with pre-made templates for each topic, the team can multiply their graphic output and boost their posting schedule in spades. The consistent look and feel ensures the Fruit De La Vie brand becomes recognizable, to boot!

The content is already starting to produce results, too. A single post saw an above-average return of 1,706 impressions — an exciting achievement and signal that their fresh aesthetic and strategy are working.

“Being a hands-on business owner, sometimes I don’t have the time to spare for a marketing post,” Jelina said. “ Having the help of the Adobe Spark templates has helped so much with our social media management. We are now able to promote certain items and showcase customer reviews to our viewers with ease. Adobe Spark is also user-friendly, which allows us to create more content – within minutes! I highly recommend Adobe Spark to anyone who is starting out their business or anyone who wants to take their marketing to the next level!”

Set up your brand in Spark and supercharge your social media with personalized templates, too!

Emily Corbin leads community for Adobe Spark.