CoCreate Business Moves: How an Atlanta Tea Shop Leveled Up its Instagram

Adobe Spark enlisted social media strategists to work with their favorite small businesses to help them makeover their social media presence. This story is part of a 4-part series exploring the unique challenges facing small businesses today, as well as the creative ways business owners are rising to the occasion, with a little help from a friend.

About the Business

For over 15 years, Just Add Honey has been more than just a proprietor of best-in-class, loose-leaf tea blends. It has served as a community oasis where customers come to connect and slow down. Established in 2005, husband and wife duo Brandi and Jermail created this locally loved tea spot as an ode to Brandi’s mother. Despite the ever-present challenges of running a brick-and-mortar during a pandemic, the team has risen to the occasion by re-imagining their in-person, customer-centered approach to an online format.

About the Strategist

Founder of the Awesome Creator Academy, Roberto Blake is a creative entrepreneur and educator driven to motivate small business owners to build better brands and businesses. As a fellow Atlantan, Roberto felt inspired to give back locally and help this gem who has done so much for the community.

The Challenge

Like many small businesses weathering COVID times, Just Add Honey felt significant impacts in 2020. Stay-at-home policies have meant less foot traffic, ultimately leading the team to close one of its two brick-and-mortar locations. With only one flagship shop and the need to move more of the business online, Just Add Honey needed to find new and holistic approaches to staying close to their customers while scaling to new audiences. The team revamped their online shop, started a series of virtual tea blending classes, and focused on B2B wholesale efforts to adapt to the times. With these additions came the need to refresh their social content and cultivate a more robust online community.

The Goals

  1. Encourage customer loyalty, engage and retain existing customers online.
  2. Express the Just Add Honey’s mission to connect family, friends, and communities one cup at a time.
  3. Attract and secure merchants for B2B business opportunities.

The Adobe Spark-Made Solution

Drawing on the shop’s ethos, Roberto helped the team create a series of social graphics reflective of their community mission and catalog of feel-good offerings. Powered by Adobe Spark, they added everything from smile-inducing tea puns to eye-grabbing pictures of their favorite blends. To appeal to repeat shoppers, the team also co-designed a customer discount card. The combined effort resulted in a library of appealing and on-brand posts to make posting to social.

The Results

As a result of this collaboration, the business walked away with a collection of on-brand and engaging visuals that won them significant returns. On average, they saw a 70% lift in the number of likes on Adobe Spark-made posts, and overall felt they could better visually convey campaign ideas and promote offerings.

When asked about the impact of this project and how Adobe Spark fits into their needs as a business, the team shared: “With the content Adobe Spark provides, we can actively pursue corporate clients with confidence knowing we have the best images that represent our company. This content will undoubtedly increase our bottom line moving into 2021.”

We are beyond delighted to see the creativity and strategy that grew out of this collaboration, looking forward to how this dynamic team will continue to push forward and flourish.

Emily Corbin is Community Lead for Adobe Spark.