What’s next for Adobe Express.

Everyone—and we mean everyone—can make excellent content. It’s a pretty big promise, but it’s one we stand behind more than ever as we launch Adobe Express.

As people spend more and more time online, there’s a growing opportunity to even out the digital playing field, so to speak. Adobe Express is here to empower everyone to effectively express their ideas by making original content, no previous design know-how needed. And if you do have some (or a lot of) design skills under your belt, you’re still in the right place. We are committed to ensuring everyone can quickly and easily make standout content.

First, we’d like to step back and say a special thank you to our existing community of content makers, a group that includes students, influencers, small business owners, and so many others. These makers have helped us shape Adobe Express so far, and we’re so excited to see the community get bigger.

This is just the beginning of our vision for Adobe Express. We’ll share sneak peeks into our features roadmap, aka which new features you can expect in the next year. We want to keep our community in the know and encourage your feedback to help build the best app possible. At the end of this post, we share more details on how, where, and when you can provide suggestions.

Now, let’s dig into what’s coming from Adobe Express in 2022:

Endless social graphics and multipage capabilities.

Social media platforms now support new ways to share posts that are more than a single graphic. Think carousel posts on Instagram where you can scroll through multiple pictures in the same post. Whether it’s a carousel, story, or other type of social post that tells an interactive story, you will soon be able to craft content that has multiple pieces all in a single project. Plus, you’ll be able to make multipage marketing materials like two-sided flyers, brochures, menus, and more in the same project.

Captivating social videos.

We want to empower you to create stand out social videos on Instagram and TikTok. We will be taking capabilities from Adobe’s powerful video tools (the ones that support Oscar winners) and deliver them in an intuitive way in Adobe Express. The initial updates will be geared specifically for creating brief, high-impact videos to wow your followers and attract new people to your feed.

Quick actions make things easier.

Quick actions in Adobe Express help you instantly do things like remove a background, make a GIF, or crop and resize photos, videos, and PDFs. These are just the beginning. We’re working on more quick actions that will allow people to easily make amazing content, including doing more on mobile. For example, you’ll be able to go straight from your camera roll and work right on your phone.

Templates, photos, and design assets right at your fingertips.

Whether you start from one of our templates, add photos and design assets, or browse assets to inspire your own ideas, our goal is to make sure that you have easy access to everything you need to make standout content. The assets you can choose from are always expanding. We’re adding new shapes and lines that can be stretched, styled, and re-colored to your specific color combination and style.

Inserting image...

Adobe Express also gives you access to over 175 million photos from Adobe Stock*, which includes 800,000 free photos. Stock is growing the collection to be very diverse and tailored to content makers’ needs globally — expect new and beautiful photos continuously added into Stock Free and Premium.

Soon, you can access Stock while creating pages and videos from the web app, or while using the Adobe Spark Page and Spark Video iOS apps. Plus, we’ll bring the power of Stock to our design asset collection by adding more illustrations, frames, borders, textures, and overlays. We’ll continuously refine our search, browse, and recommendation capabilities so that you always find what you need to express yourself.

Get specific, local flavor.

We’re thrilled to expand our templates and assets for creators across industries, use cases, and regions. We take a lot of care when we add new templates to the app. When we design templates for creators around the world, it's not just about translating the text.

Not only will we support more local events and seasonal moments, but we also make designs that carry that unique French idiom or honor a particular Japanese holiday or custom, just to name a few.

New PDF capabilities.

We’re bringing you even more power to create polished PDFs. You’ll soon be able to edit, combine, and organize PDFs directly in Adobe Express.

Work across web and mobile.

As always, we want you to be able to work seamlessly across our web and mobile apps. We are constantly running tests and getting customer feedback on how real people use the app. So no matter if you access Adobe Express from mobile, web, or a combination of the two, expect ongoing updates to your in-app experience.

One-stop shop for social publishing.

Adobe just announced an agreement to acquire ContentCal to expand the social media capabilities of our creative tools. Once the transaction closes, we'll quickly start working to integrate these capabilities into Adobe Express so you can plan, schedule, and publish social media content from within the app.

The Adobe connection.

We’re making it so that Adobe Express works seamlessly with other Adobe apps. The vision is for you and your team to take advantage of everything that Adobe apps have to offer. This way, the content you start in Adobe Express will benefit from the unique, advanced capabilities of the Adobe app family.

Shape the future of Adobe Express.

We always welcome your feedback on the app. Let us know your thoughts and which new features you’d like to see. Connect on Facebook and Youtube — and join us in the new year when we’ll host live conversations with creators on these social channels. Also, feel free to submit specific suggestions on the app’s UserVoice forum.

And remember to check back for future roadmap blog posts. We’re just getting started and will continue to let creativity guide us. Keep shining bright and making amazing things.

The Adobe Express team

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*Adobe Express paid membership required. The Adobe Stock photo collection does not include Premium or editorial content. Limited Adobe Stock functionality available in web page and video features within the desktop app.

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