What's New in Adobe Express: March 2022

Welcome back to our monthly roundup of what’s new in the Adobe Express app. Last month, we introduced new mobile and PDF quick actions. In March, the team focused our attention on delivering more features to help you efficiently make content, including tools which will guide you in making better design decisions. You’ll find the ability to do big things with a single tap of the smartphone or click of the laptop, depending on where you choose to make your content. Read on for what’s new this month.

New customizable basic shapes

Shapes are one of the fundamental building blocks of any design project. Adobe Express users have let us know that they want more flexibility around our in-app shapes tool since these design assets are so central to making content. We heard this request and added a new library of “basic shapes” that can be customized on web and mobile.

When editing your project click “Icons” and check out new shapes, frames, arrows and lines that can be stretched and resized. A number of new basic shapes that you’ll find in the icons tab allow you to free-form resize, while others keep their proportions as you size up or down. These shape guardrails keep your design nice and consistent while still allowing you to customize your project. The new basic shapes can be further customized by changing the fill and border colors, plus editing the border width to make sure you get the exact look that’s right for your content.

New mobile Quick Action

We are continuously improving the experience of making content on our mobile app. Now, use the Crop Quick Action right from your smartphone on images that you need to alter on the fly.

Improvements to help productivity

Along with releasing new features each month, we’re always improving the existing features and workflows within Adobe Express. Recently, we’ve improved the file drag and drop function. Now, you can drag image files from your desktop into your project which will stay zoomed in while you work.

We’ve also improved the Replace feature to make it faster and easier to try out asset variations within your project. Click on the “Replace” button which appears in the editor when you select an asset to see recommendations for images and icons that fit the style of your project. This update will help easily discover and choose assets to make your content standout.

We’ve covered a lot this month, so thank you for reading. If you have a feature you’d like to request—or feedback you’d like us to hear—please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts on the Adobe Express UserVoice page. As always, I’m excited to work with you on making our app better and better.

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