Creative Fitness Challenge #1: Set Up Your Brand

Ready to kickstart your marketing routine? Jump into this challenge with an easy starting exercise.

The first play in the Creative Fitness Challenge is setting up your brand in Adobe Spark. By importing your brand elements, you can take advantage of the app’s ability to auto-populate social graphics with your fonts, colors, and logo. Seriously, this will make your social media life so much simpler. Like magic, your brand ingredients will be ready and waiting to pop into Adobe Spark’s pro-designed themes and templates. This means making pro-level graphics, web pages, and videos is easier than napping through yoga.

Research shows it takes 5-7 visual impressions for your brand to stick in someone’s mind. That means even if you’re churning out awesome content, without consistent branding running through all your posts, potential customers won’t even register you—making all your hard work in vain.

This video walks you through the easy steps to add your logo, fonts, and colors to your brand manager. This magical feature then takes the heavy lifting out of making visually consistent (and visually appealing) content.

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To start, visit and select Add Your Brand at the top. Note you’ll need a Spark plan to get access to this feature.

Ready to jump into the next challenge? Try creating a quote graphic!