Creative Fitness Challenge #10: Create a Remixable Template

Ever posted something to social media only to receive a few likes and zero comments? Not only is it depressing, it feels like you’re throwing your creative efforts down the drain. This video will teach you how to get people to engage with your content, which means they engage with your brand, which means you are on your way to conversion and retention. Follow along as your own personal branding coach, Veronica Belmont, teaches you how to create a remixable template in Spark Post.

Once you’ve made a graphic post remixable, your followers can take your post and interact with it and edit it to make it their own. You can create remixable templates for social media contests contest, a useable tool for your audience (like a fitness tracking calendar), a meme, or even a conversation-starting prompt.

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Congrats on finishing Spark’s Creative Fitness Challenge! We hope this set of tutorials helped you reach your  goals and create a sustainable social media marketing habit.