2021 Creativity in The Clouds Tour: Adobe Creative Educator

This year, we’re excited to kick off the first global Creativity in The Clouds Tour! Since we launched The Adobe Creative Educator program in June of 2020, we’ve been inspired by educators around the world who have joined the professional learning community and shared creative teaching practices. To celebrate their dedication to fostering creativity in students and fellow colleagues, we are highlighting their work on our global virtual tour, continuing for the rest of 2021.

The past year has been extremely difficult for all educators, and they have risen to the occasion to find new ways to engage students virtually and in-person. The pandemic has demonstrated that cultivating creativity and visual expression are vital to student success in school, the future workforce, and beyond. As so much information is communicated virtually, students are empowered to convey their ideas in a visually compelling way.

We have identified several international institutions and districts that serve as exemplars in developing creative skills, and we’re looking forward to showcasing their work during the 2021 Creativity in The Clouds Tour. Our virtual Adobe Creative Educator hot air balloon will touch down every two weeks in a different part of the world, and we will interview educational thought leaders from each institution to share their work. We’re starting in The United States — then we will move to The United Kingdom, India, and Australia later this year!

Each stop on the tour will include a livestream with Tanya Avrith and me as part of the Adobe Creative Educator show, which drops every other Thursday starting at 10:30am PT. During each livestream, tune in for visiting keynote speakers including Dr. Monica Burns, Claudio Zavala, Dr. Natasha Rachell, and Al Thomas, and fireside chat with institution educators and leaders. In addition to each livestream tour stop, we’ve also created a Spark Page with highlights and speakers from each institution and a remixable Spark template with their logo. You can also use the remixable Spark template to create an image with your school or district’s logo!

We hope to inspire creative educators everywhere by showcasing these creative approaches in education and encourage viewers to contribute their own ideas in the comments of each livestream, or by using the #AdobeEduCreative on Twitter and Facebook. Check out our first tour stops below, and join us on our virtual hot air balloon ride:

All livestreams will begin at 10:30am PT on The Adobe for Education Facebook channel. RSVP to claim your spot!

Thursday, March 18th South Florida. RSVP here. See Overview Page.

Thursday, April 1st Atlanta Metro Area, Georgia. RSVP here. See Overview Page.

Thursday, April 15th, Greater Maryland Area. RSVP here. See Overview Page.

Thursday, April 29th, Northern Virginia. RSVP here. See Overview Page.

Thursday, May 13th, Washington District of Columbia Area. RSVP here. See Overview Page.

Thursday, May 27th, Austin, Texas. RSVP here. See Overview Page.