Go Back to the ’90s with Rad Designs from @el_juantastico

With wild pops of color, chunky sharpie-drawn images, and a dash of grunge, Juan Camilo Rodriguez’s designs ooze 90s style–with a modern twist. With over 50,000 Instagram followers, it’s clear that @el_juantastico’s artwork taps into our collective nostalgia for the era of snap bracelets and Lisa Frank colors.

And now, in a modern tech twist, you too can catch the 90s vibe with the help of Juan’s remixable templates, made specially for Adobe Spark customers. Tap the image below to browse his collection and remixing his artwork. And of course be sure to give props where props are due and tag @el_juantastico as the artist.


In addition to earning a dedicated fan following, the kinetic movement, hand-created elements, neon splashes, and electric vibes in his designs have turned major heads. The Washington Post commissioned him to illustrate a travel piece; he was tapped to create a package design for a limited edition run of Toblerone chocolates; he had a six-month sponsored collaboration with Sharpie, his artwork has been published in design books such as Good Type: The Art of Lettering and Color By Fab, and he’s the Art Director of Creative Blast Studio.

Get in on Juan’s Social Media Savvy

With his sponsored partnerships, graphic design work, and consistent posting of personal artwork on social media, Juan is staying ahead of the curve. He took time to talk about the inspiration behind his artistic creation and to share his thoughts and tips for making social media work for you.

What’s your creative process like?

I find inspiration everywhere, but I often have great ideas after watching nature-inspired movies or TV shows. I love the challenge of finding a way to express an idea or capture a feeling through hand-lettering. Once the right idea comes to mind, I start a sketch. Drawing relaxes me and helps me focus on the execution of the idea. After progressing through ink, detail, and colors—I’ll end up with my final artwork.

How do you convert people to clients or customers?

Instagram is a big part of my freelance work. I have a lot clients that found by seeing my work on Instagram. Instagram is also a big help in promoting and driving people towards my Etsy store and my website. I get the best results from my website—more than Etsy.

Do you have any social media tips for other artists?

The posts that receive the most engagement on social media for me are the ones with heavy illustration content. I’d like to believe that’s because people appreciate the detail, time, patience, and amount of work that go into my illustrations.

That said, create what’s true for you. Keep practicing your artwork with consistency. Be authentic when you are creating content. Engage with honesty with the people who give feedback on your work. Be your best creative self.

Pro tip: Fellow designers and fans can find Juan thanks to his hashtags like #graphicgang, #sharpie, #handmade, #handlettering, and #graphicdesigncentral. His work also stays on the scene with hashtags like #TYxCA (short for typography and calligraphy), #goodtype, and #typeyeah, three accounts that sponsor design challenges and showcase great work. Be sure to research the hashtags that social media stars in your field are using and add them on to your posts!

This collection is a part of the Adobe Spark Style Maker series, where Adobe Spark members get exclusive access to unique design ingredients and assets from emerging creatives and tastemakers.