Guide to Etsy photo sizes for listings and branding

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Not using the correct image sizes on your Etsy store can result in blurry low-quality images that don’t display as intended. Not only do low-quality images make it harder for your audience to get a good look at your product listings, but they’ll also reflect poorly on your store and possibly be damaging to your brand’s reputation.

While the quality of your images may seem like a small issue, to your customers it’s huge. Having poor images (or images of the wrong size) will appear careless — and a careless brand is unlikely to provide high-quality products or a satisfying customer experience.

In short, using the wrong image sizes is bad for your brand, which means fewer sales.

Etsy stores that use the correct Etsy photo sizes and present a polished and perfected store will be most likely to draw in new customers and sell their products. Check out the optimum Etsy picture sizes below to give your store the greatest chance of success.

Etsy photo sizes: optimum Etsy picture dimensions

Profile photo: 500 × 500px

Shop icon: 500 × 500px

Mini shop banner: 1600 x 213px

Big shop banner: 1600 x 400px

Carousel banner: 1200 x 300px

Collage banner: for two images, 600 x 300px; for three images, 400 x 300px; for four images 300 x 300px

Team logo: 170 × 100px

Order receipt banner: 760 x 100px

Item listing: The shortest side of your image is recommended at 2000px. Image resolution should be 72PPI.

*Carousel and Collage Banners are available only to Etsy Plus subscribers.

All of the images in your Etsy Shop should be formatted as either .jpg, .gif, or .png. Animated .gif files and transparent .png files are not supported. If a file contains transparency, then the transparent parts of the image will appear black.

Templates for your Etsy Shop Banner

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