Every Piece of Content Your Club Needs to Be Successful

If you run a club or team organization, you likely have a lot on your plate. From recruiting and engaging members to fundraising to throwing events, that’s enough to feel as if you’re drowning in demands for graphics, fliers, brochures etc. Well, consider Adobe Spark your life raft! We’ve mapped out the essential pieces of marketing collateral a club needs to communicate with members, donors, and volunteers. Let’s dive in to see how a club like Blue Water Swim Club* can use savvy branded graphics, videos, and webpages to support its goals.

Social Videos to Pique Interest

Video is one of the most efficient ways to communicate because it can serve to both inform and get people pumped. Share a video like this to amp whatever your goal is, even if it’s a little boring on the surface, such as getting people to fill out a form or sign up. Use the caption in your social post to reinforce a message or drive your desired outcomes with a succinct call-to-action. Adobe Spark Pro-tip: Write one word per slide and bring the slide duration down to the minimum to create a fast-paced effect, like this video.

A Brochure for Member Recruitment

Adobe Spark Page


This brochure works well because it merges key benefits of joining the club with all the details (like membership dues and instructor info) that interested swimmers will find helpful. Notice the structure of the About page of Adobe Spark: We start with a brief description of the club, then wade into how people benefit from the club, then we finish with how interested people can jump right in. Adobe Spark’s visual, scrolling layout allows you to pack a lot of information in a sleek, digestible way. Just remember to lead with your most engaging imagery and most important information.

Invitations, Event Covers, and Social Graphics


Whether it’s a weekly meet-up, a big swim meet, or a fundraiser, you’re likely hosting frequent events for your organization. Standing up the visual collateral, like invitations, Eventbrite headers, Facebook covers, and social media reminders, is super easy with Adobe Spark‘s pre-loaded sizes and templates. And it’s even more automated with Adobe Spark subscription, which includes auto-generated branded assets that you can easily customize. Once you land on a design you like, duplicate it for the next event to help save time.

Here are a few examples, tap any of the templates below to make these designs your own.



Event Recaps

So you hooked attendees with your stunning graphics. Now celebrate a successful event with a video recap that lets attendees relive the highlights and gives those who missed out a bit of FOMO. Event recaps make great evergreen assets that can be used to both re-engage attendees and recruit new ones for your next shindig.

Heartfelt Thank You Notes

Adobe Spark Page


If you rely on donations or volunteers, thank you messages can go a long way to make your supporters feel appreciated and encourage repeat giving. Tell your audience the impact of their contribution and whenever possible make it as visual and engaging as possible so they’ll be inclined to share it with their own network, thus acting as your advocate online.

Annual Reports

Adobe Spark Page


Reports, presentations, information-rich documents are integral to generating support and buy-in from members and financial supporters. They can also feel daunting to create. But with Adobe Spark, it’s easy to combine text, imagery, and even video in an elegant presentation. Use Adobe Spark to create infographics to present your information in a visual way then leverage Adobe Spark’s sleek, elegant layouts to pull the content together in minutes. Send out the report by simply providing a link to the content, guaranteed to look good on any device.

A branded link is a short version of a URL you want to share either online or offline, built to include your brand and a relevant keyword. They are also known as vanity URLs or custom short links, and enable a company to associate itself with the content it shares, build brand awareness and increase engagement with few words. Many brands today already use branded links to share their content.

Here is an examples of branded link that could be used to promote a Blue Water Swim Club* event in a brochure:

Take it to the Next Level with Brand Consistency

While you can make any of these pieces of content for free with Adobe Spark, we created brand consistency by using Adobe Spark’s subscription. From BWSC’s brand ingredients, we customized auto-generated themes and templates to quickly create visual consistency across the formats.

*Ok, this particular club doesn’t actually exist, but we had a lot of water puns we really wanted to use.

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Photo by Artem Verbo on Unsplash