Facebook Live Replay: Spark Video Features and Hacks to Know

During this week’s Spark morning show, product manager Michaela Strand walked us through some handy Spark Video features. Didn’t have a chance to join us live on Tuesday? Catch the video replay below:


1. Manually adjust the length of your slide.
The length of a slide in Video is determined by the length of your soundbite, but if you’re not using a voice-over you can still adjust how long the slide stays on the screen by clicking the little icon in the lower right corner.
Pro-Tip: If you have text on the screen make sure your audience has time to read it. A good rule of thumb is to read it to yourself backwards. If you don’t have time to do that, chances are your audience who is not as familiar with your content won’t have time to take in your words.

2. Follow story structure prompts to help get your creative juices flowing.
While our video creation tool is easy, telling a good story takes a lot of practice. We try to help by providing guardrails

3. Iterate and edit as you go by rearranging slides.
Spark Video is made for iteration. Move around your content by dragging slides around the lower bar.

4. Completely change the look and feel of your video with just one click.
The themes to the right have Adobe After Effects magic built into them, so when you apply themes to your slides it doesn’t just change the color and font, but also transitions and designs.

5. Upload your own music.
We have licensed several free pieces of music to play over your video, but if you have your own, you can upload an audio file yourself. We’ve increased this button’s prominence in the music tab to the right.

We’ll be comin’ at ya live every Tuesday at 10am. What would you like to talk about next week? Hit us up with suggestions on Facebook or Twitter.