Week in Sparks: A Virtual Safari, Burma’s Fire Balloon Festival, an Enchanted Mushroom Trip and More!

Treat yourself to some of the best Spark reads (and scrolls) that passed our newsfeed this week. This Friday we’re feeling the wanderlust as photographers entice with amazing shots of off-the-beaten path destinations. In addition, a mother’s open letter to her daughter and Brussel’s response to March’s terrorist attacks moved us.

Milwaukee or Africa? Hard to say

Inside Burma’s Fire Balloon Festival…literally.

A mother’s open letter to her daughter and all black girls about institutional racism.

A powerful archive of a city’s strength in the face of terror.
After terrorist attacks rocked Brussels, Belgium in March 2016, people created handmade monuments across the city. The memorials stayed out in the open for months as the city healed and the day before the government cleaned them up a photographer captured the letters, poems, candles, and flowers in this scrolling photo journal.

Cuba’s vintage…everything

Trippy real-life New Zealand mushrooms

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