Get Billie Eilish’s Dark Electro-Pop Aesthetic

Billie Eilish is kind of a unicorn–and not just for her electric blue hair and piercing, otherworldly stare. On top of being a genre-bending musician, the 17-year-old superstar is a multi-hyphenated artist who’s creative directing her stardom. From designing her own merchandise to laying bare her creative process on Instagram to curating an immersive pop-up experience that takes fans on a trippy ride through her mind, she’s ushering in a layered aesthetic movement along with her highly quotable and #relatable lyrics. And it’s causing fans of all ages to literally weep over her debut album “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?,” which dropped March 29.

So how do you describe Billie’s #lewks? You might call it “’90s revival,” “horror core,” “new trap art,” or “neo-emo.” The New York Times dubbed it “Hot Topic by way of hypebeast.” It may be hard to put her brand aesthetic into words, but ultimately it’s undeniably Billie or @wherearetheavocados, if you’re one of her 15.4 million Instagram followers.

And to celebrate her debut album she’s hooking her hyperventilating fans up with some of her signature style.

Creative Challenge: When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?

Take Billie’s debut album and turn it into your inspiration! Let’s co-create a dreamscape with Billie using any Creative Cloud tool, including Adobe Spark. To help you out, Billie’s hooking you up with some of her original artwork to spark your creativity. Get started in seconds by creating from the Spark templates below.

You might use typography and Billie’s drawings to turn your original writing into a visual work of art, or create a collage using the exclusive assets and additional design ingredients you can find in Spark for free!