How to Create Awesome Instagram Stories + 13 Exclusive Design Templates

Instagram Stories is becoming more popular among Instagram users. Every day, more than 250 million people view Instagram stories by friends and businesses. It might even become the next News Feed. We believe it’s something that businesses with an Instagram presence have to pay attention to now.

So we’ve teamed up with Buffer, an awesome social media scheduling tool, to round up effective ways to use Instagram Stories, including easy-to-edit templates for each of them.

Let’s jump in!


Introduce a series of photos and videos with a snazzy design that sets the theme and provides key information. Whether you’re sharing behind-the-scenes peeks or documenting a trip, an introductory design can take your Instagram Story to the next, professional level.

Promote time-limited sales

As Instagram Stories last for only 24 hours, it’s a great way to promote time limited sales. This is a strategy often used by online clothing retailers. For example, Black Sheep Cycling launched their new limited edition cycling kit through Instagram Stories and sold out in 30 minutes.

How-to tutorials

This is our favorite way of using Instagram Stories — education. If you want to teach your followers how to do something (such as how to use your product), try using this template.

Hop on over to the Buffer blog for 10 more exclusive Instagram Stories templates and loads more ideas on how to leverage the new platform.