How to Take Photos in Low Lighting with Your Phone

If your snapshots in front of holiday decorations or candlelight pale in comparison to the real deal, this tutorial is for you. In this demo, professional photographer Ashley Batz shares tips on how to take beautiful portraits using only the light from Christmas decorations. Learn key editing tricks and how to turn your snapshots into the perfect holiday greeting.

Highlights and Takeaways

1. Shoot Digital Negatives (DNG)
In Lightroom Mobile, you can shoot either in Jpeg or raw or in Digital Negative. Raw images give you more opportunity to adjust the photo in post-production. You’ll have much more information in the photo to edit with.

2. Don’t use your flash.
Under-Expose the photos and adjust in post-production. When you over-exposed pictures, you lose a lot of the information in the photo and will have less to work with in post-editing. Consider using an external light source in the foreground, but out of frame, to bring up the lighting in a more natural way.

3. Try out the sliders in Lightroom.
Start with exposure and contrast, then move onto color. Trust your gut as you make edits to see what feels right.
Pro tip – Magenta works better than green hues on skin tones.

4. Use Lightroom’s image organization tools.
As you shoot and edit, flag your favorites and add ratings & reviews to get back to the best outputs faster. You can then create an album in Lightroom for easy gathering of photos and easy importing into Spark.

5. Pull your edited photos into Spark.
Once you have your photos ready to go, pull them into Spark Post. Throw on some text to tell your story. Use one of Spark Post’s color menus to achieve cohesion between your photo and the text you apply.