How to Use Adobe Express' Custom Color Picker

We know you want greater control over your projects, and the Adobe Expressteam is always working to provide you with as much choice as possible while keeping the tools quick and easy to use. Recently we’ve provided more ways to customize the colors in Adobe Express designs. ICYMI or need a little extra help, we’re breaking down how to use Adobe Express' new custom color picker.

There are four ways to apply color to your designs:

Cycle Through Palettes

The color algorithm is based off your background image; Adobe Expresssuggests color pairings and palettes to put you on a path toward design success. Use this if you want to leave the color theory up to us. Choose palettes based on the mood you want to strike, such as decorative, loud, modern, elegant or more.

Adjust Hues with the Color Strips

Once you’ve selected a color for the background or piece of text, you can refine further using the color strips that appear when you tap “customize.” The top gradient strip refers to the color, while the bottom allows you to find the perfect shade by tweaking according to saturation and pigment. The hex value will automatically appear just below your chosen hue.

Choose a Color from the Background Image

Achieve ultimate text-to-image cohesion with the new eyedropper tool by selecting a color from the background photo. Just tap anywhere and Adobe Express will match the color.

Apply a Hex Value

If you have your heart set on a specific shade, get a perfect match by selecting the hex value for that shade. You can copy and paste the code in the bottom box or scroll through hex values.

Have fun with color!