Create Instagram posts that stand out (and drive results) with Adobe Express Add-ons

Last year we introduced add-ons into Adobe Express and today there are more than 70 ways (and counting) to supercharge your content and workflows. From AI generated video voiceovers to print on-demand, Adobe Express add-ons enable you to streamline your workflow and do more in fewer tabs, making it even easier to create standout content faster.

Access your creative files from anywhere, anytime

Our collection of asset management add-ons, which includes Google Photos and Dropbox, let you quickly access your creative files right when you need them, and right where you’re already working. Import images, videos, and other creative assets into Adobe Express to quickly edit with features like remove background and generative fill or enhance with text, stickers, and other design elements. Then save to your favorite storage provider or share to your social platform. Connect to various DAMs to get approved assets and work seamlessly with your team to stay on brand.

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Make your brand stand out

Add-ons extend what you can do to customize your designs and create a unique brand that stands out. Tap into thousands of additional templates, stickers, illustrations, and more. Elevate your designs with stunning animated titles using add-ons like Title Pro or add texture to your backgrounds with Gradients and Spacefill.

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Create content that drives results

Set your content up for success with the help of add-ons like Attention Insight that help you predict where viewers will look when engaging with your designs. With our growing collection of performance-oriented add-ons you can optimize your content for accessibility and engagement to make it both beautiful and impactful. Take the guesswork out of how your designs will look with add-ons like Social Previewer and Artboard Mockups which give you an instant preview of how your content will look on social platforms and mockups.

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Discover and explore our full library of Add-ons in Adobe Express here. Please note that add-ons are not yet available on the Adobe Express mobile app.

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