Introducing the new Adobe Express Content Scheduler

Today, we’re announcing a new suite of Adobe Express capabilities that answer a common request we’ve received from our users who rely on social media. We hear a lot about the struggle it takes to get quality social media content out into the world. You need one app for content creation, another for planning when and where you’ll post, and at least one more to actually publish across different social platforms.

Our users want frictionless social content workflows — but they also want to learn how to get better at social media. They know that a successful social media presence takes strategy, planning, and best practices that are not always intuitive or obvious. We believe that people should have a single place to make, plan, preview, and publish standout content on social media.

Today, we’re starting on this journey through the Adobe Express Content Scheduler, and this is just the beginning.

ContentCal becomes Content Scheduler starting with Adobe Express

Adobe Express is deeply invested in helping people thrive in the Creator Economy, where it’s easier than ever for anyone to build an audience and monetize their content, products, and services. Building a successful social media presence with content that resonates and stands out with audiences is critical.

In December, Adobe announced the acquisition of ContentCal as part of our commitment to helping individuals, solopreneurs, and small business owners hustling to excel in this economy. Prior to the acquisition, ContentCal was a leading social media and content marketing solution which let users focus on creativity through the automation of social media publishing. Since ContentCal joined Adobe, the Express team has worked hard to integrate the technology and experience into the app.

Today, we’re rolling out the first round of these social scheduling capabilities as the Content Scheduler in Express. This is only the beginning. We’ll roll out many more capabilities going forward but here’s more information on what you can do right now:

Plan: Make and plan your social media themes, topics, and campaigns through tools that help draft and finalize your content. See and manage your social cadence through a single drag-and-drop calendar.

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Schedule: Set your content to publish at exactly the right time to ensure that it lands well with your audience and reaches as many people as possible.

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Preview: See individual scheduled social posts in preview mode to view exactly what your followers will see once your post is live.

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Publish: Save time by publishing your posts across Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest from one place. This streamlined workflow also saves you money because you no longer need to subscribe to multiple services to get your projects done.

How to get Content Scheduler

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Content Scheduler is available to Adobe Express individual plans. Premium and free individual plans can connect up to five social profiles per plan by linking your Express app to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest profiles. Adobe Express free plan users can schedule two posts total per calendar month, while premium plan users can publish an unlimited number of posts through a single calendar.

Currently, the full range of Content Scheduler capabilities are available only on the Express web app. There’s a lot of good stuff in the pipeline that we can’t wait to share with you including support for more social platforms, performance insights and recommendations, and bringing all capabilities to mobile.

As always, we’re constantly iterating on new and existing features in Express. If you see room for improvement in the Content Scheduler or want to give feedback on anything else within Express, please don’t hesitate to post your thoughts to our UserVoice page. If you don’t have a premium plan but want to try out this new feature as well as the complete range of Adobe Express capabilities, sign up for a 30-day premium trial.

I’m thrilled about this latest step forward in helping content creators move quickly without sacrificing budget or quality. Be sure to stay in the loop, keep up the creativity, and I’ll see you on social.

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