New! Create and Manage Multiple Brands

Setting up a consistent look and feel for marketing collateral no longer requires a degree in design or tedious style guides. Adobe Spark’s powerful branding features, such as the ability to upload your brand assets and magically apply your fonts, colors, and logos to any project or format in a single tap, help thousands of businesses create consistent branded content in a fraction of the time. And the busy social media marketers in our community love being able to start from branded templates so they can communicate at the speed of social without jeopardizing style or quality.

But ever since we launched branded stories in 2017, we heard you want more. Specifically a way to use these features for MORE of the brands, projects, clients, or hustles you juggle. Well, it’s finally here! Now you can add and manage multiple brands, each with their own distinct brand assets, without ever leaving Adobe Spark editor.

Adobe Spark’s new multiple brand feature combines Adobe Spark’s branding capabilities, such as style matching across projects and formats, with the productivity-boosting ability to organize your projects for each of the brands or campaigns you work on. Whether you’re a freelancer creating content for a variety of clients, an agency needing to organize multiple campaigns, or a marketer managing multiple products or sub-brands, you now have one convenient content creation dashboard where you can manage all your brand assets and turn them into impactful content.

No more logging into different accounts or losing track of projects. When you set up multiple brands in Adobe Spark, you can create distinct looks and feels for each of your brands and easily switch between them.

Adding a second, third, fourth, or 70th brand to the mix is as easy as clicking a button. And even better, it’s fast and easy to switch between your brands, so when inspiration hits you can go on a content-creating blitz!

Here’s what you need to know to get started

  1. Get started by clicking on “Brands” from
    Make sure you’re using Adobe Spark’s web app when setting up your brands.
  2. Create brand magic in 3 easy steps
    Setting up brands is as simple as uploading a logo if you have it, selecting brand colors, and choosing your fonts. Adobe Spark magic will walk you through the process.
  3. Rinse and repeat
    Repeat the process for all the brands you want to create content for. Voila! Branded content at your fingertips! You can also “star” a brand to make it your default.
  4. Start creating branded content.
    Once you’ve set up your brands, now comes the fun part. Edit your branded templates for easy graphics, modify your Page and Video themes to your heart’s desire, and start creating content faster and easier than ever!
  5. Easily switch between your brands, and apply your look in seconds!
    Click on the Brand Switcher bar at the top of the editor rail, select the brand you’d like to work with, and boom! Now you have access to this brand’s ingredients in your project. Ready to apply them to any project you’ve started, or any template you’d like to make your own? Hit the Brandify button and watch your project instantly transform to your branded look and feel.

Adobe Spark’s branding features are available to all Adobe Spark and Creative Cloud subscribers.

What Brand Kit Users Are Saying

“Adobe Spark’s branding feature has helped my business stay on message and consistently produce content for my audience. What was taking hours is now taking minutes!” – Donald

“Adobe Spark took the guess work out. I made my logo then used the branding feature and now I have custom branded content. It was just that simple.” – Lesley

“The branding feature is allowing us to give our name, our logo and style another level of visibility.” – Mark

“Adobe Spark has drastically helped ease the burden of content creation for us. We have multiple online businesses that utilize social media to generate new leads, and Adobe Spark allows me to create original content for each business within minutes.” – Kimberly

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