Plan, Create, Post: Content that Converts on Pinterest (and Beyond!)

Posting content lets you share your story with the world. When created (and planned!) with intention, it also gives your audience the gifts of inspiration, education, and connection. We know that you’re busy, don’t always have much time or a large team of designers behind you– that’s why we’ve partnered with Pinterest and PLANOLY to bring you a seamless creation workflow from beginning to end.

Keep reading for:

  • A foundational understanding of using Adobe Creative Cloud Express templates and how to leverage them in your content creation strategy
  • A set of 25 templates formatted just for the Pinterest platform (that you can remix for other platforms – #WorkSmarterNotHarder!)
  • Time-saving resources—including links to the templates, PDF kits to get you started in select verticals, and links to read more on our partner’s pages

Your Content Pillars

Great content gives users information that’s useful to them. Before we can get to the stunning design you need a stunning content idea and the key is creating value for your audience.

Start by thinking about what you can offer to your audience, we’ll get into how to serve it up later. Ask yourself: “What value am I uniquely positioned to offer my audience?”

Based on your customer’s needs, come up with weekly content buckets or “themes” to help simplify what you create for social. Some super easy “buckets” include:

Now that you have buckets identified, brainstorm how your individual content fit into those categories, for example…

A real estate agent

could create a step-by-step guide to landing your first listing, share a customer testimonial, or provide a savable open house checklist

A teacher or educator

might share classroom décor ideas, supply lists, or class project tutorial.

A plant store owner

could offer a list of pet-friendly plants, tips on propagating new plants from cuttings, or photos of plants from your store “in the wild” in customers’ homes.

When you create value, no matter the platform, your audience will come back because you’ve built trust. They will start to think of you not only as a brand, but also as a resource. Once you have your content pillars identified you’re ready to begin creating your content.

Creating in Adobe Creative Cloud Express

First off, did you know that Creative Cloud Express has thousands of templates to chose from? It’s a great creative jumping off point. From there you can quickly add your logo, colors, images, change the text, and more.

If you’re active on more than one social platform, with the click of a button you can resize your design to fit a Facebook or Instagram post, Instagram stories, a digital or printable flyer, Twitter—you’ve got it.

Take it one step further by making your design into a template! A simple visual theme (cohesive color is key) can take you a long way. Swap out colors for seasonality, or change the text, but keep the bones of that awesome design and save tons of time by reusing it.

Create a master of your graphic/promo in Spark, then use the Duplicate feature to create different versions. Finally, resize the duplicated project to other social media versions of the original.


Digital Media Consultant, Educator, and Adobe Ambassador

Adobe is an official Pinterest Partner in the creative specialty, so today we are going to hone-in on creating specifically for Pinterest.

According to Pinterest, branded content doesn’t interrupt on Pinterest—it inspires. Let’s explore some of the templates in the new packs we’ve created just for Pinterest. There are 25 new templates in five packs designed specifically for: real estate, education, food (bloggers / restaurants), and retail for fashion and a plant store. Each “pack” has a couple of standard Pin-sized templates and a few templates built just for Pinterest’s newest format: Idea Pins.

What are Idea Pins?

Idea Pins are a multi-page canvas to share your ideas. They can include details like recipe ingredients, links to buy products, and step-by-step instructions. While Idea Pins can include photos, they are most powerfully leveraged when they are designed around video– that’s why the Spark templates all include a video element! Dig into the nitty-gritty with Idea Pins on Pinterest’s resource page, here.

Click here to explore the templates on our Pinterest page or search “Idea Pins” in the Creative Cloud Exxpress app.

Scheduling in PLANOLY

Use Placeholders

Once you have your content created, you can use the PLANOLY grid planner to start uploading your content or use placeholders to plan your first 9 posts. Some types of content can be used multiple times to fill your feed, like photos and customer testimonials.

Plug in Your Content

Visual planning pays off and takes away the guesswork to help you build a cohesive, recognizable feed for your customers. Trust us when we say, nothing beats the feeling of a fully planned grid for the upcoming week.

Take advantage of PLANOLY’s Pin Planner to build your Pinterest strategy which allows you to visually plan and schedule your Pins - all in one place!

Image provided by PLANOLY

Upload, then Use Quick Schedule and Auto-Post

Once you have photos, graphics, or videos created, and you’ve identified which days and times you want to consistently post, you can upload your content and use the quick schedule feature on PLANOLY, which allows you to preset your own frequently used posting times.

Now it’s time to schedule your posts! Scheduling is key to consistently posting, engaging, and growing your social presence.

Image provided by PLANOLY

If you have a paid PLANOLY account you can also use the “best time to post” feature which presents you with the best time to schedule your post based on when your unique followers are most active. Both features are here to simplify your social media planning process. Managing any social media platform can quickly take up all your time and scheduling your posts will give you one less daily task.

In PLANOLY, I recommend using the “Best Time to Post” feature. It has helped me schedule my posts on social to target my audience when they are most active.


Digital Media Consultant, Educator, and Adobe Ambassador


That’s it! If you follow this flow you will successfully plan, create, schedule, and Pin your content like a star. One last #ProTip for you: try to batch your content, by making 3-5 pieces in each pillar at a time, so it becomes a weekly task instead of a daily one.

Need a little more inspiration? Follow Adobe Creative Cloud Express on Pinterest! All 25 of the Pinterest templates are Pinnable and remixable from there, too.

You can also catch the recap of our PLANOLY Presents workshop “Sparking Creativity: Holiday Content Planning with Adobe Spark” over on PLANOLY’s blog, here.

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If you want to take your content planning to the next level, PLANOLY has partnered with us on these three PDF workbooks for businesses in the wellness, food, and real estate spaces. Click below to download!