How to repost stories on Instagram

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Instagram Stories are one of the social media platform’s most-used features. Now everyone finds this feature intuitive to use, however, so this post will help you through the basics of how and what to post to your Instagram Story.

What are some of the hurdles that people face when posting to Instagram Stories? For one, it can be difficult to find relevant content every single day, not to mention multiple times a day. Reposting Stories is a different concern. Mainly, can you and should you repost another account’s Instagram Story? What are the pros and cons around doing this?

Instagram has a bunch of technical rules around whether you can repost specific Instagram Stories. There are also some social rules and best practices around whether you should repost certain content at all. Let’s dig into this thorny topic.

Should you repost other people’s Instagram Story?

You might spot some really cool content that’s been posted on a friend or influencer’s story. You may ask yourself, “Should I repost this?”. The short answer is yes, it’s perfectly fine to repost someone else’s Instagram Story. There are, however, a few things to keep in mind.

Not everyone wants to have their content shared on other people’s or business’s Story, especially if the account reposting the content doesn’t give proper attribution for the original content. Instagram will link your story and the original post so that the original gets credit. Don’t try to evade or hide this attribution. It’s good to give credit where credit is due. Also, linking to another account may help you gain some of their followers.

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How to repost an Instagram Story

You need to have a few things in place to post an Instagram Story:

Instagram won’t give you the option to repost a Story if these two things aren’t in place. When someone mentions you in their Story, you’ll get a notification where you’re given the option to “Add this Post to your Story”. Click this button and you’ll be able to edit the story. Remember to tag the original content creator so they get credit.

Why won’t Instagram let me repost a story?

Are you struggling to repost a story on Instagram? The most likely reason for this is that you haven’t been tagged in the story. You need to be tagged in the story repost it. If you’re not tagged, you won’t be presented with the button that prompts you to repost.

Best practices for reposting an Instagram Story

Give the Story creator credit

If you want to repost some amazing photography or share a picture that’s been created by an artist, be sure to credit to the creator in your repost. Tag their handle in the post and make it clear to your followers that you’re not passing their work off as your own. If you properly credit the content creator, they should appreciate you sharing their work and talent.

Ask the Story creator for permission

You might want to repost some content that is personal to the creator. Perhaps it’s a picture that contains faces, an image of someone’s child, or details about something they own.

In these cases, consider asking the original poster for their permission before reposting their story. Keep in mind that even if they’ve tagged you and their profile is set to public, they may not want you to repost sensitive imagery. Sometimes, it’s just best to ask.

Put the Story creator’s handle on the image

Another great way to explicitly show that the content you’re sharing is a repost is to include the @handle of the original poster on the image. This is a great way to make sure there’s no misunderstandings about who created the image.

How to repost a post from your Instagram feed to your Story

Your Instagram main grid is where you post images or videos that will show up in your follower’s Instagram feed. Sometimes, you also want to post on of these main grid Instagram posts to your Instagram story. How do you do this?

Steps to share main grid Instagram posts to your Instagram story:

There are a few things to note when you repost a post from your feed to your Instagram Story. The process works similarly to reposting another account’s Instagram Story. The original content creator (aka you) will be tagged in the post automatically and there will be a link back to the original post. And like when you repost an Instagram Story, the original creator will need to have their profile set to ‘public’ for everyone to see it.

Why you should repost from your feed to your Story

The first rule of Instagram stories? Don’t repost screenshots. When it comes to reposting to an Instagram Story, people sometimes simply take a screenshot of the original post and publish the image to their stories. Don’t do this. What do we have against a screenshot? First off, the image quality often isn’t very good, Second, screenshots require extra effort because you’ll need to edit the image to make it the right size. Avoid screenshots by reposting directly from Instagram using the steps we’ve already gone over.

Why companies should repost from their main grid to their Story

Maybe you have numerous brand social media accounts that you manage. Cross-posting content from your brand accounts is a great way to increase the exposure each of your brand accounts gets and helps you make the most of great content. The same principle applies to posting your business’s main grid feed post to your Story. The more distribution channels that content have, the better.

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