Create Consistently: Introducing Shared Templates

Developing a unified voice to your customers is paramount in fostering a successful relationship with them, and to do so you need a consistent brand. But with teams working more dispersed than ever these days, creating consistent marketing material has proven difficult. Spark’s powerful collaboration features have helped bridge the gap, but we’ve heard you want more. Specifically, the ability to scale the efficiency of creating from templates across your entire team.

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You asked and we answered! With Spark’s new Template Sharing feature, you can now easily make, share, and create from templates. Gone are the days where you had to rely on a single team member to update this week’s company spotlight on social, or spend time painstakingly recreating your teammate’s template just to create a new post.

Whether you’re a marketer looking to empower your team to create consistent posts for social, a freelancer setting clients up to build their own content, or someone in between, there is a use case for you!

Work faster on your own

Working solo? Creating templates to reuse can make it super easy to produce consistent content for yourself or your small business without having to recreate every project from scratch.

Team consistency

Unlock the full creative power of your team by sharing your templates, ensuring consistency across the content everyone on your team creates. Standardizing your content creation process across your team has never been easier.

Set clients up for success

As a freelancer, enabling your clients to take ownership of their own content can save you a lot of time, and make them feel more empowered. Share templates for your clients to create from so they can easily generate their own posts!

Inspire community

Connect with your following by creating publicly available templates for your followers or any other Spark user to create from.

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How to get started

Create Template

Turn your project into a template by clicking Share in the top right, and then Make a Template. Fill out the template creation dialogue and add your new template to a Library, or create a new one. Your template is now available in the Library you selected!

Share template

With your template ready to go, navigate to the Library where your template is saved. Select the Share icon in the top right and select Invite to share the Library privately with select team members, or select Make public link to create an unlisted link that anyone you share it with will have access to.

Create from template

Now that you have a template created and you know how to share it, let’s create from a template! You can access your personal, shared, or public templates from multiple places throughout Spark. From Home, you can select From your templates via the Task bar or via the plus button in the top left. Alternatively you can select Templates from the left pane and switch from Featured Templated to the library that contains the template. Finally, you can create from a template from both the Libraries manager and editor.

Unleash productivity for your team by sharing a template today. Need some inspiration? Check out public libraries for some awesome templates to create from. Be sure to let us know how you like it on social @adobespark.

Kenneth Greenwood is a Product Management Intern for Adobe Spark, focused on collaboration and team workflows.

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