The Ultimate Spark-Made Creative Workspace

We’re always excited to see new innovative Spark projects from our community that expand what we imagined the tools could be used for, but we were floored when we found one user who designed an entire mural of type with Spark Post.

Finnish artist Pyry Ihonen is the mastermind behind this genius creative wall he and his friends painted for their group’s rehearsal space. A member of Artists in their Maximum Expression (AME), most of the time Pyry uses Adobe Spark to create digital content for the group’s social media pages. But it occurred to him that the same tool he uses for adding text to images for social media graphics could be used as the starting point for breathing new life into a blank wall. The first recorded Spark-made mural was born.

Want to take your Spark designs to the analog world? Here’s Pyry’s winning formula for Spark mural magic:

  1. Design in Spark Post
    Take a photo of your wall straight on. Open up Spark Post, tap the green plus button, select the photo you just took from your Photo Library. Be sure to select the original size. Start designing by adding text and selecting fonts and backing shapes to make the words pop. Pyry opted for Lobster, Pacifica, Amatic, Bebas Neue, and a variety of shapes for his design. Move the text around so it appears how you would like it on the wall. With your polished design ready, replace the background image image with a white or solid color background, select share, then opt to save the design as a transparent PNG. This is an important step so you can project the design in step 3.
  2. Prep your wall
    Make sure your wall is clean, wiping the wall down with T.S.P. solution and a clean rag. Make sure to spackle any holes. Add a layer of primer and allow to dry.
  3. Project and outline
    With your mural design ready (step 1), use a projector connected to your laptop or ios device to project your image on the wall. Once you have the design exactly where you want it, trace your composition segment by segment using a high quality pencil or charcoal. Pyry had a few friends help, and was ready with a ladder, erasers, and a ruler. Draw bold lines and take care to be accurate, as this will be your guide for painting.
  4. Paint
    Once your design is outlined, it’s time to get painting! We recommend a non-toxic acrylic paint, with a drop of gel-medium (for a glossier finish). Make sure the floors is properly covered, and have rags and water ready. Take your time, and if you make a mistake, don’t fret; Acrylic dries fast and you can layer a corrective color as needed later.
  5. Seal your design
    Use a clear, varnish in a matte or satin sheen. Make sure to have proper ventilation, and a large painter’s brush for this step. Apply a coat using a broad sweeping motion.

Voila, you are finished! Time to celebrate your new wall and refreshed space!

Pyry Ihonen is a Finnish artist and volunteer missionary, living in Rosario, Argentina. Seven years ago, Pyry found himself on a creative and spiritual journey that lead him across the world, to join the international communities of AME and YWAM, Artists in their Maximum Expression/Youth with a Mission. Together the team lives, works, and makes art aimed at community transformation.

When Pyry is not playing and producing music, he leads much of AME’s social media and graphic arts campaigns. A huge fan of Spark, Pyry relies on Post to create eye-catching, social content, posters and flyers. Pyry says: “As someone that didn’t formally study graphic design, it feels so easy to use and there are so many creative options”.

More Ways to Bring Your Spark Designs to Life

If you love the idea as much as we do, but don’t have the time or team to work at such a scale, here are few alternative ways to bring your Spark designs into your living space:

By, Emily Corbin