Add Modern Calligraphy to Your Designs with @Goldraffiti’s Stickers

Daniel Gold integrates gothic calligraphy style and hot takes to create edgy graphics for his own social media and today’s most modern brands. His Instagram (@goldraffiti) showcases his signature blend of old-timey hand lettering over gritty imagery that deliver biting commentary about these modern times.

The surprising combo of his cheeky, modern commentary paired with his signature formal font merges the street with the scroll and has caught the attention of major brands, leading to collaborations with Nike, New Balance, Converse, Disney, and more. Not only that, he’s designed the showcase ‘Spida’ logo that NBA Jazz player Donovan ‘Spida‘ Mitchell will use for his signature sneaker line with Adidas and the logo that NFL Green Bay Packers player Aaron Rodgers will use for his 2019-2020 football season.

Now you can throw down some serious sass using the stickers @goldraffiti created for Adobe Spark subscribers. Featuring his signature snark, black brush lettering, and graphic style, add your own background imagery to juxtapose his content in new ways. Or simply add his bespoke calligraphy as accents to your own designs.

Learn from Daniel’s Creative Evolution and Social Media Strategies

How has your creative style evolved over the years?

I’ve always been into creating. My earliest artistic memory is sketching Batman and the villains of Gotham City when I was still barely old enough to hold a writing utensil. In high school I started getting into graphic design. I was using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to design sneakers, design apparel for my high school sports teams, and to create imagery for a girl named Natasha to try to get myself out of the friend zone. Spoiler: It didn’t work out with Natasha, but by the time I got to college there was nothing, technically, I didn’t know how to do in Photoshop or Illustrator.

Fast forward to a few years out of school. I had spent the last decade and a half leaning on the computer for personal and professional design work. That’s when I took up calligraphy as my creative mistress because I wanted to practice an analog craft. Consequently, my style developed into a cross-pollination of traditional calligraphy and digital embellishments.

Who inspires you creatively?

I’ve always been inspired by The King of All Media, Howard Stern, and American fashion designer Thom Browne. Both conceive intoxicating worlds for their audience to get lost in. Additionally, I love the graffitied musings of Jean-Michel Basquiat’s early career alter-ego ‘SAMO©’ and Berlin-based street artist, Tobo.

What inspires the copy in your artwork?

Whether it’s a sticky lyric or the sting of being left on read, my copy inspiration is merely a regurgitation of quotes and thoughts bouncing around my head. I also love thinking of expressions or societal tropes, and subtly tweaking them to add a twisted meaning more in line with my sensibilities.

Swoop social media strategy used by @goldraffiti

When you visit @goldraffiti’s Instagram page you’ll see how he creates content that showcases pop culture, relevant brands, and famous people. This is a social media strategy you can use, too. When you re-imagine or play on a popular brand in a creative way, tagging the brand can catch eyes and potentially land clients. Some examples of this by @goldraffiti that showcase his signature graphic calligraphy style include conceptualizing tattoos for celebrities like @parisjackson, crafty cheeky copy for the new @iPhone 11, overlaying clever graphic copy on images of models like @alexinagraham, and making a play on the name of Khaleesi, a popular Game of Thrones character.

Daniel is also strategic about using relevant hashtags that both highlight the unique content of each post and also tie his work into the hand lettering, calligraphy, and graphic artist community online. Some of his often-used hashtags include: #calligraphy, #calligraffiti, #handlettering, #thedailytype, #goodtype, #typegang, #letteringtattoo, #graphicdesign, #brushlettering, and #artoftype.

This collection is a part of the Adobe Spark Style Maker series, where Adobe Spark members get exclusive access to unique design ingredients and assets from emerging creatives and tastemakers.