Play with @cmbringle’s Fun Floral Patterns and Juicy Designs!

Colleen Bringle brings joy to the world through typography and illustrations. With bright and bold color palettes, nostalgic and hand lettered fonts, positive messaging, mixed typography, and a playful joie de vivre her work shines with many of 2019’s trending designs.

Thanks to her design chops, inspirational aesthetic, and colorful style she’s a senior designer and illustrator at Target’s headquarters. When not creating trends with Target textiles and products, she keeps busy collaborating on everything from art posters with @ohjoyco, book covers for @scholasticinc, women’s empowerment designs for @adobestock, t-shirt designs, and more. But most important of all, her joy-filled Instagram (@cmbringle) keeps us going through the week thanks to daily posts infused with optimism and humor.

Featuring her signature style of dynamic, high contrast floral illustrations and playful messaging, you can now remix these templates to your heart’s delight. Put a playful message in her floral frames or backgrounds, or add her catch-phrases to your Instagram Stories. (Just remember to give love where love is due and tag @cmbringle and @adobespark when you remix and share her templates!)

Colleen’s Social Media Tips

Colleen took time out of her busy world to share about her design process, what inspires her to create every day, and using social media to promote your projects.

Tell us about your inspiration and creative process

My personal interests and experiences serve as inspiration for my work. You’ll see my parenting humor, love of flowers, bold colors, and typography woven into my art. As for themes, my messaging is typically centered around encouragement, mental health awareness, being a mom, and humor. I like to spread positivity.

When I am inspired by something I’ve seen, I take a picture of the thing or phrase that brought me joy or made me laugh and store it in a folder on my phone. Once I figure out what I want to letter, I start sketching. I like a lot of different styles of typography, so it’s not just one lettering style. Next, I bring my sketch into the computer and use the sketch as a base for my final work. Throughout the entire process I’m creating the color palette and tweaking details. I love working with bold, saturated colors that enhance the message. Designs can take anywhere from 1 hour to 10 or more hours, depending on the project.

What makes a good social media design?

The best social media designs are the ones that people can relate to the most. I try and post daily—and I’ve been on Instagram about five years—so I’ve gone through a lot of topics! Some of the content topics that get a lot of responses are: my current mood; sleep; parenting; and food. Beyond the message of the design, having strong typography, color, and composition also play an important role in a quality post.

You have a range of creative ventures, any tips for successfully promoting multiple projects and offerings on your social channels?

Having a consistent and clear message when promoting multiple projects is important. It is also important to break down the offerings and projects into multiple posts. This will create a stronger story. This strategy also gives people more of a chance to see it and take it in if it’s over the span of 3 separate posts as opposed to an individual post. Remember that people are only spending seconds on your post, so it needs to catch the viewer’s attention.

Don’t forget to find your tribe as you’re making your way in social media. Colleen uses a savvy mix of hashtags that showcase her unique design skills and help future clients, collaborators, and fans find her. If you’re trying your hand at lettering, typography, and illustration, experiment with some of Colleen’s go-to hashtags: #dopetypesociety, #typeinspire, #letterbuilders, #strengthinletters, #womenwhodraw, or #womenofillustration when you post your own creations.

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