Awesome Illustrated Backgrounds to Make Your Messages Shine

Colorful background illustrations help shape Sonia Yim’s sweet and playful designs. Vibrant pinks, oranges, and plum hues add the perfect pop of happiness to any message.

Her Instagram (@just.drawing.words) strikes the balance of playful and positive. Sonia’s use of bright colors, florals, and awesome illustrations is right on-trend while evoking 90s style. Don’t forget to tag @just.drawing.words and #AdobeSpark when you share your creations.

Sonia has leveraged her artistic talent to design brand identities, help others artists with their creative journey via her Youtube channel, and collaborate on designs with big names like Facebook.

Tap into @justdrawingwords‘ signature style in her collection of colorful remixable template designs created for Adobe Spark subscribers. Sonia’s customizable templates invite you to share your story with personality. Your message is sure to shine and stop the social scroll when its enhanced with these lovely backgrounds. Just click the image below to get started.

Sonia’s Social Media Tips For Freelancers

Sonia is a whiz at inspiring, capturing a sassy mood, and motivating with her vibrant designs and playful/sweet stories. Get behind the scenes of her creative journey to learn how she works and ways to grow an Instagram community.

What happens in your creative process?

It all starts with finding the perfect idea. Most of the time, my ideas come from my personal life and my experiences. With all my art, I try to communicate a story using simplistic shapes, fun textures, and splashes of brights colors. I occasionally like to add humor to my art as well.

Once I settle on an idea, I move into the brainstorming phase. Since I do a lot of lettering illustrations, I work on lettering style, composition, and consider the illustrations that will best complement the quote I’m lettering. This is the most challenging and time-consuming part of my creative process. Once I have sketched it all out, the process goes pretty smoothly. At that point I am coloring, tweaking, sometimes animating, and then releasing the art to the world.

How do you come up with your color palettes?

I always start with the main color. This color sets the tone of my artwork and matches the emotion I want to convey. For example, if I want to convey a happy emotion, I choose a bright color such as hot pink, yellow, or rich orange. After I choose the primary color, I select the secondary colors that will complement the primary color. I don’t limit the number of colors I use, but most of my designs end up having between 5 and 10 colors.

Do you have any tips for growing your community on Instagram?

I use Instagram to share personal passion projects and client work. In a way, Instagram is an informal portfolio. It’s also a great way to document my creative journey, because I can keep track of how much I’ve grown and how my skills have improved.

The best tip I have for growing community is to be consistent and to be genuine. Although there’s no golden rule to this, you must keep showing up for yourself and for others. That means, you have to post consistently and at the same time communicate consistently with your community. When you do post and when you do communicate, you have to be genuine. I believe people can sense whether you are truly engaging with your audience or not and therefore, your communication with them has to be real.