The Week in Sparks: New Year Content Marketing Wins

Happy New Year!

This week our news feeds felt like a perpetual #MotivationMonday while savvy marketers capitalized on January’s spirit of new beginnings and fresh starts to stoke new engagement. Here are some of the best ways the Spark community took advantage of the New Year’s marketing opportunities.

This Week’s Best Content Marketing

The best content marketing is relevant, timely, and user-focused. These awesome pieces focus on January’s themes of self-improvement in order to engage audiences and recruit more followers.

Adobe Spark Page
Camera company DxO uses a clever play on words to ring in the New Year. Gorgeous photography and timeless good advice delivers a delightful content experience to the reader while remaining true to DxO’s focus on excellent photography. This content marketing piece works because it is relevant both to the reader and showcases the value proposition of the product in a show-not-tell way. This Page works double time as share-able piece of content and a landing page that took minutes to create.
People tend to sign up for new activities or memberships in January, so a community rugby team uses a New Year resolution theme in their video to recruit new members.

Adobe Spark Page

All those New Year’s resolutions don’t do any good if people don’t keep them. A consulting firm/life coach company that specializes in helping people transition to retirement created this Page on this timely topic. We love how they offer helpful free content then use Page’s clickable buttons to drive engaged readers to its website and blog.

Social Media Posts that Delighted Us

January is also a great time for goal setting and inspiring communities. Here some of our favorite well wishes and inspirational posts to kick off the year.