The Week in Sparks: What the World Needs Now Is Love…and Pancakes

What. A. Week. Incredible movements unfolded on social media this week that transcend partisan politics and celebrate the spirit of democracy in general: thousands rallied behind #PantsuitNation, a sartorial symbol for female empowerment, both sides encouraged people to let their voices be heard, and thousands made a pilgrimage to Susan B. Anthony’s grave during the historic election. Those symbols of democracy are a shining light in a divisive campaign year. It’s also now easier than ever to organize around causes you care about and we’re thrilled to see so many using Spark to tell the world’s most important stories in effort to affect change.

But regardless of whether you’re happy with the outcome of the election, we can all agree the nation could use a break from analyzing, arguing, recapping, and projecting. Politics aside for a moment, here’s what the world needs now, according to what you’re sharing with #AdobeSpark.

Kids thanking their veteran parents

Today is Veteran’s Day and these kids have a special message for parents who serve our country. If you need a good cry, look no further.


@Michelle4edu shared this sweet message with her followers. We couldn’t agree more so we made the design remixable. On your iOS device, tap the image to customize it for your favorite teacher. A message of gratitude will take you seconds and will make someone’s day.


A future built on empathy

If this election year taught us anything it’s that we need to teach kindness. It’s heartening to see some kids getting this lesson early in schools. We hope a future president is in this group of sweethearts.


Pancake connoisseur Jay Welshofer has your Sunday morning plans on lock thanks to 77 attempts at creating the perfect pancake recipe. Cook up these “circles of love” this weekend.
perfect pancake recipe


This meditation on the vast benefits of travel remind us that perspective is sometimes just a plane, car, or train ride away.


P.S. Spark’s own Thibault Imbert is at Boston’s Inbound Conference this week with social media expert Peg Fitzpatrick. Don’t miss their top takeaways and learnings from the marketing conference. Catch their Facebook Live replays and stay tuned for a recap right here.


Gracious losers and leaders.

The saving graces in this divisive election were the messages of unity from both President-Elect and Secretary of State after the results were counted. @Markwallender captured his takeaway from Clinton’s concession speech with Spark Post.

And, occasionally, a cat in sunglasses…

with a projected attitude problem. Thanks for the giggle, @phil_lip91.

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