Spark Video and TrilbyTV Take Student Work to the Big Screens

By, Ben Forta, Adobe Education Evangelist

The digital signage industry reports that digital displays capture 400 percent more views than traditional static signage, and that digital content is retained and recalled for far longer. It therefore isn’t surprising that students growing up in a digital world react positively to digital signage. Indeed, surveys report that 96 percent of students notice digital signage immediately.

As a result, schools are spending tens of thousands of dollars on large scale digital signs. Beaulieu Convent School in Jersey, UK, for instance, replaced bulletin boards with digital signage screens long ago. However after the initial excitement, those screens soon faded to black or played stale re-runs as complicated programming systems prevented educators from populating screens with engaging content at the velocity needed to engage students on a regular basis.

But it wasn’t long before savvy educators figured out TrilbyTV and Spark Video are the high school sweethearts of easy, efficient video creation and sharing. UK-based TrilbyTV offers a streamlined workflow for updating digital signage efficiently, while Spark Video provides an easy solution to content creation. Soon schools were powering big digital screens with student-created videos and school announcements.

“We used to have dead space”, explains Beaulieu’s Assistant Headmaster Rory Steel, “but now its a talking point within the school.”

Click the images below to check out a couple of the student-created videos that have appeared on the TrilbyTV network:

Schools that have deployed the TrilbyTV platform are discovering that fresh and compelling content garners attention. And perhaps more importantly, because Spark Video makes creating cinematic-quality videos easy to create, students are confidently creating content and eager to see their work displayed on the big screens in their schools. “Suddenly your digital signage becomes ‘visible’ again and for children it becomes a realistic aspiration to have their work appearing on it.” explains Dan Oakes, Deputy Head Teacher at Malmesbury Primary School in Malmesbury, Wiltshire, UK.

Creating content for TrilbyTV is as simple as using Adobe Spark Video—create the story in Spark Video, share the link with TrilbyTV, and the platform does the rest. Schools are also discovering that there are benefits outside of school, too. The TrilbyTV platform makes it possible for all of this content to be enjoyed outside of school, too. With appropriate access granted, families and friends can log into the TrilbyTV web platform, engaging parents, families, and the wider community.

TrilbyTV founder and director Neil Emery says, “Today’s technology allows us all to be creators of rich content and not just consumers. Adobe Spark Video is a fantastic app for creating polished and professional outcomes that can instantly be shared to a school’s digital signage using TrilbyTV. Sharing, showcasing, and celebrating the amazing work schools are achieving on a regular basis is so important and Adobe Spark Video and TrilbyTV make this happen easily and effectively.”