Week in Sparks: Anti-Bullying Month, National Coming Out Day, and a Bob Dylan Tribute

This week an iconic American singer/songwriter won a Nobel Prize in Literature, Anti-Bullying Month inspired messages of peace and camaraderie, and National Coming Out Day helped spread stories that matter. Good vibes all around in this week’s Spark stories:

Social Media Moment of the Week: National Coming Out Day

Tuesday’s National Coming Out Day inspired LGBTQ+ people to tell their coming out story on social media, tagging their Tweets, Instagrams, and Facebook posts with #NCOD. We love how @leeannwalkertexasranger made her story come to life with the power of her voice and encouraged others to share their stories.

October is Anti-Bullying Month

The Jets’ PR company uses Spark Page for more engaging press releases. This time they told the story of honoring a middle school for their efforts in preventing bullying in partnership with non-profit Stomp Out Bullying.

Adobe Spark Page


The Jets aren’t the only pro-team committed to empowering kids to end bulling. Last month the SF Giants and The Bully Project partnered to get kids to tell stories about times they stood up to bully using Spark Video. See their creations highlighted on The Bully Project Mural!

An Icon Interpretation of an Iconic Song

This week Bob Dylan was awarded a Nobel Prize in Literature and to celebrate Spark Video wizard @clifdonian1 shared an awesome graphic music video for a Dylan classic using illustrative icons. Bravo!


Boutique travel company Meanderbug highlights an emerging travel trend in order to advertise one of their latest offerings. Their video astutely connects their business to a broader theme, making for a relevant, engaging ad.

Check out how they use a branded hashtag in several places to inspire their customers to share their own images and stories of #crazygoodtravel.

Your Daily Awwwww: Friendship Yoga with a Lobster

This preschooler describes his special friendship with a crab-lobster in an adorable video, proving once again kids are the best storytellers.

#GoodVibes Only

In the spirit of October, spread good vibes with Spark! Don’t forget to tag #AdobeSpark for a chance to get featured here.

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