Week in Sparks: Introducing Future Madame Presidents

This week the Democratic National Convention made history when it officially elected Hillary Clinton as the first woman to lead a major presidential ticket. Appearing via video the first night of the convention she sent a powerful message to girls everywhere: “I might be the first woman president, but you’re next.”

Meanwhile across the country, GenHERation, a career development organization for high school and college-aged students, came by Adobe for a panel discussion with female executives. In honor of this historic moment, the students were challenged to make campaign videos for the future GenHERation party. Here is what future Madame Presidents had to say:

Kristy for President

Girl Power

Bridging the Gap

Olivea for President

Annie for President

Shelly 4’Murica

Sophie for President

Sara for President

Leya for President!

photo via Flickr/ Kelly DeLay