Week in Sparks: Monte Carlo by Mini Cooper, Cam Newton in Action, Innovative Thinking and More!

One week after launch and we’re already floored by the cool stories that have come across our newsfeeds—not that we’re that surprised. Ya’ll been creating awesome stuff long before we Spark-ified the apps. True story: our team has a Slack channel dedicated to awesome Post, Page, and Video stories and it’s where we all hang out when we should probably be doing other things. We don’t think you’ll blame us after you peep some of the top Sparks shared on social media.

The story of man who fulfills a lifelong dream to drive through Monte Carlo in a Mini Cooper. Warning: you will want to drop everything and do the same.

Incredible photographs that’ll make you want to wander in the desert.

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Up close with NFL quarterback Cam Newton…we’ll just leave this right here.

More action shots here!

An excellent pitch for a documentary about the highway through the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Motivation to change your thinking…in under 5 minutes. We’ll take it.

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