Week in Sparks: Pokemon Go Adventure Tours, Ice Cream Paint Jobs, and More!

This week in Spark storytelling ran the gamut from Pokemon Go entrepreneurialism to the Royal Air Force showing off its Typhoon Squadron. In between, vintage car shows, an adorable motivational video, and the behind-the-scenes story of a Sundance-winning short captivated us this week. Check out some of our favorite Sparks of the week below and see more in our #SparkMade inspirational gallery!

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Ice Cream Paint Jobs
This vintage car show is full of sweet rides.

Pokemon Go-Meets-Uber
One entrepreneur is capitalizing on the Pokemon Go craze with “Gotta Catch ’em All” tours from his car.

Need tips for catching more Pokemon? Why not turn to an expert—a teenage boy, who made this Spark all about his Pokemon-catching tricks.

“Eat Your Fears and Hide Them Deep Down in Your Soul.”
This pep talk from Amberley Primary for Olympic athletes is something we could all use sometimes.

A Passion Project from Idea to Market
“Sundance had always been this unachievable castle in the clouds and they were telling me that something that I had written on my commutes to a full-time job had been accepted.” – Jim Cummings, Sundance-winning filmmaker. See how he made his dream come true:

Take flight with the Royal Air Force
This Page gets you up close with the Typhoon Squadron.

One Person’s Trash…
Students recreate famous works of art with litter to amazing results.