What is a pitch deck — examples and templates to create yours today

A pitch deck is the perfect card to play when you’ve got a point to prove, and Adobe Express has the tips and template to create your own convincing presentation with ease.

Whether you’re pitching a new idea, sharing some tips with coworkers, or simply telling a story, a well-designed pitch deck will amp up your message in many ways.

Read on as we walk you through the different reasons to use a pitch deck, how it can benefit your delivery, and how to easily make one for free with templates from Adobe Express.


The art of a pitch deck

When you present something, you’re telling a story, and a pitch deck is the vehicle for that story. Whether a punchy business presentation or a summary of research findings, your speechifying won’t land if your deck is weak and lacks connections to your audience or to your own unique point of view. So that you don’t undermine your own presentation, consider the following content notes when creating your next great deck.

Understanding the purpose and structure of a pitch deck

Though the reasons for a pitch or presentation can vary widely, the core components tend to remain the same. The contents of a convincing and successful presentation are often comprised of these pitch deck slides:

Cover slide — The cover slide is essentially the title page of your deck, and typically includes the following:

Introduction — The introduction of your deck outlines who you are and why you’re there to present in the first place.

Problem statement — A problem statement lays out what situation needs attention, or what you intend to solve with your product or service.

Solution — The solution is a clear statement of what your team, product, or service can do to remedy the problem previously stated.

Opportunity and potential — The solution to the problem statement may have multiple areas that need attention, and here is where you can outline them to fully explain your worth as a company or team.

Traction or milestones — This section exists to point out additional areas where your expertise or reputation contribute to the strength of your pitch.

Team — Your team is essential, and so they need an introduction before your pitch is accepted.

Call to Action — Regardless of response, you’ll want to drive your audience towards a new action that is specifically incurred by your pitch.

The essential elements of a pitch deck

Certainly not all pitch decks were created equal, but you can keep your content sharp by paying attention to these key elements.

Font and typography — A cohesive look with impactful and consistent typography will drive your key points home.

Color and photography — A simple yet punchy color scheme will assist your audience in staying focused on your slide content.

Iconography and other visual elements — Avoid cluttering your deck by choosing your visual elements wisely and leaving enough space for each piece of crucial information to stand out.

Professional pitch deck examples

Take inspiration from the pros on Behance with these excellent examples of what a clear and well-designed pitch deck can look like.

Pitch deck templates from Adobe Express

Building a pitch deck that captivates and convinces your audiences with Adobe Express is easy — select a template, drop in your text and images, and play with endless design element to give your pitch deck presentation the perfect polish. Just duplicate your developed pitch deck slides to create consistency across your presentation and simplify your workflow.

With Adobe Express, it’s free and easy to save and share your designs with colleagues and collaborators, get approval, and showcase your presentation for all to enjoy.