What’s New in Adobe Spark?!

We’re adding new features and content to Adobe Spark all the time, and this is your place to get the latest updates from our team. Want to see something new in Adobe Spark? Leave us a suggestion here!

May 5, 2021: Shared Templates!

Introducing Shared Templates, a new collaboration feature from Spark enabling you to easily create, share, and create from templates. Streamline your workflow by sharing templates across your team, or inspire other Spark users by creating a public template!

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February 4, 2021: Shared Brands!

Now you can share your brand with your team so everyone can easily create from the same logo, fonts, and colors. Equip your marketing team with your easy-to-use, one-tap brand guidelines and never worry about an outdated logo, off color, or wrong font making its way into your marketing content again!


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December 17, 2020: Thousands of New Design Assets!

We’ve introduced over 20,000 new design assets to Adobe Spark on the web. These graphic elements are here to help you create an aesthetic that makes people stop and listen. Think of them as the perfect accessories or pieces of flair for your message.


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November 19, 2020: Zoom, Pan, and Keyboard Shortcuts

Get more control and consistency with Zoom and Pan in Adobe Spark’s web editor! You can now zoom anywhere on the canvas and hold spacebar to move around the design. Zoom makes it easier to select smaller objects, adjust them, and move them to just the right place.

We’ve also added gesture and keyboard shortcuts to speed up Zoom and many other common editing actions inside Adobe Spark (and you betcha we’ll be adding more shortcuts in the future). Check out this Help Doc for the complete list.

October 6, 2020: Public Libraries

Get inspired with our new collection of Public Libraries in Adobe Spark!

Simply navigate to Libraries tab to explore Public Libraries of artist-created assets for you to use in Adobe Spark. You have the option to copy a Public Library to make it your own or Follow the Public Library to always get the latest updates. You’ll then find all these assets at your fingertips in the editor. Have fun exploring!

August 13, 2020: Creative Cloud Libraries asset sharing

Introducing Library creation and sharing in Adobe Spark! Libraries are personal collections of assets that you can share with anyone, instantly. They are always up-to-date, always on-hand, and always easy-to-use so that you and your team can quickly create consistent content.

To get started, simply click on the new Libraries tile in your left hand navigation and select “Create Library.” From there, you can upload photos, illustrations, icons, and more and then invite your team. To access your Libraries in Adobe Spark’s post editor, select the “Libraries” option in your image picker list and you’ll see all your Libraries and those shared with you.

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May 21, 2020: Creative Cloud Libraries image picker

Save time and use your favorite assets by accessing the CC Libraries that you know and love right in Adobe Spark’s web editor! Easily place photos or illustrations in your Libraries directly into your designs created in Adobe Spark. What’s more, create consistent content across your team by pulling assets from the Libraries that are shared with you.

To access your Libraries, click the + in Adobe Spark editor to add a new image. Alternatively, you can click on an image in your canvas to replace it. Select the “Libraries” option in your image picker and you’ll see a list of all your Libraries and those shared with you. Simply open your library and select an image to use in your designs created in Adobe Spark.

Don’t use libraries yet? Learn more about them here.

January 31, 2020: New Image Layout Options

Design out of the lines with our new layout options in Adobe Spark! Now you can place images anywhere on the canvas, instead of putting them into grid cells. What’s more: we’ve hooked you up with an one-tap way to crop your images into fun shapes.

To take advantage of the new layout options, select the image you want to move and tap “move freely.” You can also add images using the plus button and place them anywhere on the canvas. To crop your images, select the image you want to modify and select “crop & shape” to quickly apply a shape to your photo. Still want to use Adobe Spark’s handy grid? You can always select “pin to background.”

Give it a try with this collage template!


December 11, 2019: Undo/Redo!

Make a mistake? No longer a problem! Tap the undo or redo arrows at the top of the editor to quickly take it back. Boom! No work lost.

November 18, 2019: Google Analytics Now in Adobe Spark!

Paying Adobe Spark members can now add a Google Analytics Tracking ID to any webpage made in Adobe Spark in order to collect advanced analytics. To access the feature, make sure you have an Adobe Spark subscription, then click the Settings options while editing a web page created in Adobe Spark.

Oct 25th, 2019: Video in Post (iOS)

Did someone say VIDEO? We sure did! Now you can create and export designs with your favorite video clips. Add a video just like how you’d add a photo, then trim it and jazz it up with text, animations, stickers, or icons to create fun and engaging Instagram Stories (and more!).

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Sept 13th, 2019: Folders

Is your organization situation no longer sparking joy? Move past your creative chaos by trying out folders, live now for Adobe Spark on the web.

June, 2019: Premium Templates

Your paid Adobe Spark membership now comes with thousands of premium templates, crafted by our crack design team with special bespoke fonts and design ingredients you can’t get anywhere else.

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June 2019: GIPHY Sticker Integration on iOS

We’ve teamed up with GIPHY to give you always-fresh design ingredients to work with. Add GIPHY stickers to any design by tapping the plus button and selecting “sticker.”

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June 2019: New Text Animations

Epic motion graphic videos in one tap? Epic motion graphic videos in one tap!

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June, 2019: Invite Collaborators to Edit Your Projects

Work together easily by inviting people to your Adobe Spark projects. This gives them access to edit your project. Only one person can edit the project at a time to avoid losing work.

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May, 2019: Get Adobe Spark in More Languages!

Adobe Spark image editor (iOS and Android), Adobe Spark web page creator  (iOS), and Adobe Spark video editor (iOS) are now available in French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Portuguese. Want to check it out? Simply select your preferred language and region at the bottom of the Adobe Spark site. We’ll be adding more languages soon!

March, 2019: Image Adjustments in Adobe Spark

Enhance your photos right in Adobe Spark by tapping the photo you’d like to edit and then hitting the “Enhance” tab. From there you can make adjustments to contrast, brightness, saturation, warmth, and sharpen by sliding the bar until you get the look you want.

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