On Trend: The May Edition

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Whether you’re just getting your business off the ground or are focused on its growth, making sure your brand stands out and is recognizable is crucial to your success. Tap into the latest need-to-know trends and stay ahead of the curve with our guide to all things content and design.

Trend #1: Bye-bye blanding

It looks like ‘blanding,’ the minimal design aesthetic that’s been on the scene since the 2010s, is on its way out. (Or at least taking a break.) Enter color, which is having a huge moment. Brands are adopting bright, bold signature colors across the board — from packaging to logos — to stand out from the minimalist mainstream.

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What this means for you: As you think about your brand’s aesthetic and online presence, consider including a flash of attention-grabbing color. A distinctive color palette instantly brands your content on any channel, even without a logo, and helps your content stand out in busy social media feeds. Looking for the perfect color palette? You can browse standout palettes in the Color panel within Adobe Express, searching by keyword or browsing the most popular pairings.

Once you’ve decided on your color palette, you can set up your brand in Adobe Express to quickly apply a consistent look and style across all your projects. Get started by clicking on Brands > Create a brand from the navigation bar.

Trend #2: Out of focus is in

In a shift away from crisp and clear, picture-perfect poses, we’re seeing feeds full of blurry, bleary shots, created by a deliberate shake effect. The driving force behind this trend seems to be a vibe shift towards a YOLO hedonism that celebrates living in the moment and having fun, rather than nailing the perfect selfie.

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What this means for you: People are responding to authenticity over polished, filtered content, so it’s ok to be unpolished. Hop on this trend by tapping into the larger theme of ‘not taking life too seriously’. Consider posting blooper-style reels, behind-the-scenes photos, and fun candid moments of you, your team, and all that goes into your business.

Trend #3: #DigitalArt

With over 20 billion views on TikTok, the digital art hashtag is the definition of on trend. Encompassing artwork, creative tutorials, and glimpses into the creative process, the soaring popularity of this hashtag shows the growing fusion between digital technology and creativity.

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What this means for you: Sharing your content under the #DigitalArt hashtag can help you find new audiences and expose your work to a highly engaged community. Beyond sharing (and selling) your artistic creations, this is also a chance to highlight your skills and expertise with tutorials or helpful tips and tricks, building credibility for you and your brand in this new and growing space.

Trend #4: Biophilic design is blooming

Biophilic design — or design inspired by nature — is trending across the design world, reflecting a renewed sense of nature as integral to our wellbeing. Consumers are increasingly drawn to content and products that reflect this love of the natural world — from homewares and clothing to jewelry and artwork.

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What this means for you: Spring is an obvious source of biophilic design inspiration, but it makes sense to work elements of biophilia into your designs throughout the year. Each season has its own unique color palette, shapes, and patterns. By tapping into the deep connection between humans and the natural world, your designs and content will resonate with your followers.

Get started with our curated set of biophilia themed templates below. Tap a template to customize it in Adobe Express.

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