Writing for Change: Adobe Spark X Wakelet

It’s a cliché to say that 2020 has been a year of huge change… but it is still true. If we are to help our young students respond to the challenges that we currently face on a global level, we must give them the chance to consider global issues, discuss them with their peers and formulate their own opinions as a first step to bringing about change in their communities.

And if we can do that at the same time as improving their communication skills, both traditional and digital, then all the better.

Take Part In The Spark X Wakelet Writing For Change Challenge

Using the Writing For Change challenges, teachers and their students can choose from 10 topics on different global issues ranging from air travel to community action, cycling to renewable energy.

Each challenge addresses one or more of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and gives students the opportunity to do quick, short, guided writing practice before creating their own Adobe Spark Page of their work.

Designed to work as remote learning or in class tasks, these challenges come complete with videos to give students the necessary context to respond to a particular global issue. They then use the 4 question prompts from each challenge to write their own response. You can set this as a “200 word writing challenge”, or simply increase or decrease the word count to meet the needs of your students.

Student responses can be presented using Adobe Spark Page. Get your students to submit their completed Spark Page link to you, which they can share via your LMS, email, MS Teams, Google Classrooms, or whichever digital communication tool you use in your class. You can use the tutorial below as a guide.

The Writers’ Guild

Finally, share your students’ work to Wakelet to make your students feel like published authors! Creating a Wakelet collection means your students can see each others’ work in one place in a way that is impossible with simply writing in a book. This is perfect for giving feedback on each others’ work in a place where students can feel a sense of authorship. It is also ideal for showcasing student work to your whole school community.

“The pen is mightier than the sword” is a saying that many of us learn in school. Words can influence countless people and inspire whole communities to see the world differently. Take the Writing For Change Challenge to help your students put that phrase into action and change the world!