@Cottonwood312’s Handlettering Art Collection

Set beautiful priorities or share a sincere (or snarky) message on social with the help of Artist Jane Wonigrad’s hand-lettered templates. Be sure to tag @cottonwood312 when you share your Sparks!

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This collection is a part of the Spark Style Maker series, where Spark users get exclusive access to unique design ingredients and assets from emerging creatives and tastemakers. Remix their work into your own creation with Adobe Spark, the easiest way to create standout graphics, webpages, and videos!

About the Artist

Swooping, hand-lettered script, delicate illustrations, and colorful vibes grace the graphic creations of Jane Wonigrad. Her dreamy palettes, featuring her signature mixed fonts, positive messaging, and floral touches, dovetail nicely with recent top design trends. plus her design and advertising chops, have allowed her to successfully navigate a corporate career as a senior graphic designer and art director, as well as carving her way in the freelance world. Remix her premium templates to make them your own with Adobe Spark!