Remixable Template Collection by @subliming.jpg

Add some of artist Tessa Forrest’s (aka @subliming.jpg on instagram) bold typography to your posters, flyers, cards, or social posts! Be sure to tag @subliming.jpg when you share your Sparks!

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This collection is a part of the Spark Style Maker series, where Spark users get exclusive access to unique design ingredients and assets from emerging creatives and tastemakers. Remix their work into your own creation with Adobe Spark, the easiest way to create standout graphics, webpages, and videos!

About the Artist

Tessa’s Instagram (and over 300,000 followers) began as an artistic outlet during a challenging time in her life. From that space of tenderness she’s built an engaged fan base that connects with her inspirational, sometimes sassy, always authentic text-based posts. Tessa sells her designs through Society6 and is a Senior Graphic Designer for the stylish sports apparel company Outdoor Voices. She believes that her ability to speak to so many comes from being authentic and vulnerable.