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People come to Pinterest with a dream: to discover, to save ideas that they can act on, and to be inspired. With Adobe Spark, you’ll create Pinterest content that endures, gets saved, and is surfaced to those who are most likely going to find it inspiring.

We’ve partnered together on a 30-day Spark+Pinterest Playbook and 2 month trial subscription just for you, so you can get ahead, make an impression, and grow your engagement with your strongest audience yet

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Create attention-grabbing graphics, videos, and posts at the speed of digital media, on web and mobile. Unleash your creative potential, no matter your skill level, with intelligent, built-in design guidance from Adobe.

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What will resonate with my audience? How does my visual content support my goals? How do I know if I’m successful? Our Spark+Pinterest Playbook gives you a plan you can use over and over again to help increase your traffic, and boost your brand.

Connect with a unique, actively engaged audience.

Pinterest users come to Pinterest with intent to do, make or act towards a goal, whether that’s looking for content that helps them cook an awesome meal, curate their space, or learn a new skill.

Unleash your creative potential with Adobe Spark

[Professional, inspiring, and relevant designs in just a few taps]
[Create at the speed of digital media—together]

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On Pinterest, your followers are the first to see your ideas. The more they engage with your content, the more it gets shown in other places on Pinterest—like search results, feeds, and recommendations—for hundreds of millions of Pinners to discover.

Spark knows what works. And we’ve built that intelligence into every template in our system. Once you’re in the editor, we hook you up with AI-powered design tips to help guide you to your best creation so you can create with confidence. Spark’s got you covered when it comes to designing, but make sure you’re heeding the following content strategy tips.

Create content for every part of the funnel

Create a mix of content that’s inspirational and aids awareness (high-funnel) along with educational or action-oriented content (low-funnel). A strong mix will help you capture your audience’s attention whether they’re in the discovery and exploring stage or the decision-making stage.

For example, if you’re an event planner, a low-funnel piece on 5 ways to plan a party under a budget can be mixed with high-funnel images of tablescapes and venue decorations.

Add your unique spin

Your unique voice and visual aesthetic helps you win. Make sure your pins represent your style, while showcasing new, original ideas or different takes on something that’s trending.

Be relevant

Pinterest is a visual discovery engine. Create content that’s seasonal, based on current trends, and what people might be searching for right now or in the coming weeks. For example, if you want to post content for the holidays, start pinning a few weeks ahead so your content can mature for SEO. Want to learn about what searches are trending? Check out and the Pinterest 2020 Trends Report.

Make it actionable

For low-funnel content, make graphics that encourage Pinners to take action. Be clear about your call to action, how-to content, or tips and tricks.

Be positive

Pinners are here to be inspired. Create content with a voice and tone that lights them up.

30,000+ Templates to get you started

Ready to start creating? Create Pins that win with the Spark+Pinterest Playbook

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Ready to roll up your sleeves and get started? All it takes is a plan, and we’ve got one for you. Get the full 30 day Spark + Pinterest Playbook and free access to all of Adobe Spark’s features and premium templates for 2 months (normally $9.99/month).

Better yet, this playbook can be used over and over again! You can also get started right now with the first 7 days of the playbook below!

Set yourself up for success!

You’ll want the best insights so you can create powerful content. Get your business account set up on Pinterest and get to know it.

You’ll be able to:

  • See your Pin Stats and how your content is performing
  • Use the Audience Insights tool to reveal your existing and potential audience
  • Link your business profile to your personal profile for easy switching

Nail down your brand and style

Go to and sign-in. Visit the brand tab to set your brand up in Spark. Awesome! You can use premium and free templates, as well as all of Spark’s magical branding features. If you have more than one brand, sub brand, or look-and-feel, set up as many as you’d like.

Now, check out these templates optimized for Pinterest, and choose one to get started with. In the Design tab of the Spark editor, hit the Brandify button to transform it to your own brand elements, then modify to make your creation just right. Add your own copy, images, and edits and boom! You’ve got your first piece of original Pinterest content! When you’re done, click to download your image. You can also click Share to access a public share link. Go to Pinterest, hit the + to create a new pin, upload your image, and you’re ready to go! Don’t forget to add a destination link where applicable. For example, if your image is a cover image to attract people to a blog article, don’t forget to put the blog article link in the destination!

Set goals

Write down a few of your brand personality attributes. What are your goals for Pinterest? What kind of an audience do you want? Explore Pinterest content, create a few boards, and start pinning things that are aligned with your brand, goals, and audience. Pin some high-funnel content, and make an inspiration board for low-funnel content you think is doing a good job out there too!

Make it move and stop the scroll

Content that has a little movement results in higher engagement on Pinterest. Choose one of your low-funnel ideas to make today. Download Adobe Spark Post on your phone or tablet and start with remixing one of these animated templates. Your header or title should be eye-catching and easy to read at a quick glance - scroll through the animation options to pick something that draws your audience’s eye. Add your supporting text, your own images, and brand elements too! Post this to Pinterest today.

[Template List 1]

Increase your design velocity

Let’s get ahead! Take yesterday’s post you made in Spark, and duplicate your project. Modify and edit the text and images to make a couple of new versions for a few more of your low funnel ideas. Export and post them to Pinterest!

Take a look at some of the content you’ve made before for other platforms. Bring a successful design, photograph, or image into Spark, hit the Resize button, and choose the Pinterest format. Magic! Your post has been resized. Edit and refine it so it looks just right, and post it on Pinterest tomorrow.

[Template List 2]

Inspire your audience

Let’s create some high funnel content today. Gather up some of your best images, especially lifestyle ones, of your products or services you’ve done for others. Upload them to Spark, hit Brandify to add your logo to them, and pop on any other text you might want on there so customers know how to find you. For example, your website, rates, a theme, or how to get in touch with you. Start from a couple of these templates, and replace images with your own, to get going.

[Template List 3]

Create a community

Find 3 new people to follow today, whose content either inspires you or your brand. Find 3 other followers who are in the same industry or space as you, and whose content is related to yours. Try to mix it up between Pinterest accounts with a high number of followers, and some that are smaller micro-communities. By creating a diverse community, you make it easier for people to discover you and start engaging with your content.

Let’s do some content planning for the next few days. Pinterest’s Audience Insights & Trends tools work hand-in-hand to give you a better sense of how your content strategy is doing. Go to Enter in some search terms your dream customer might be looking for.  How strongly are they trending? Write down a few original content ideas for both high and low funnel content based on your findings. Now, also check out top search trends in general. How might you relate those to your business? For example, if you are in the travel business, and “plant life” is trending, you might write down some content ideas on “How to care for your plants when travelling” or “Pottery from around the world to bring home for your home garden.”

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Get the full 30 day Spark + Pinterest Playbook and access to all of Adobe Spark’s features and premium templates for free for 2 months (normally $9.99/month).

Template List 1

Template List 2

Template List 3

Professional, inspiring, and relevant designs in just a few taps

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Your projects are powered with intelligent color, layout, and design suggestions so design is never a blocker to building your business or hustle.

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Choose from millions of royalty free photos, illustrations, and icons, including Adobe Stock and The Noun Project, or upload your own.

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Make thumb-stopping content that’s relevant to your audience, with text animations, floating images, Giphy stickers, and more.

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Customize any free or premium template with your own logo, fonts, or colors and create from branded themes made just for you.

Create at the speed of digital media—together

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Resize anything you make for Pinterest instantly to breathe new life into existing content.

Multiple brands for every idea

Manage and switch between multiple brands to boost recognition of any project across your Pinterest community.

Collaborate, co-edit, and share

Get projects done together, faster, with anyone else you’re working with.

Work across mobile and web

Projects sync, so you can create on the go, whenever you have time!