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Authentic Caribbean restaurateur, Buzzrock and his wife Farida, have been making ‘dem bellies full’ for over 30 years. Find out how the Manchester-based marinade makers use Adobe Express to fire up their marketing, and how you could turn up the heat on your own brand.

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Where do you get your inspiration from?

Jamaica. Buzz spent his early years surrounded by family, cooking with his aunties. He’s crafted his sauces and marinades from years of catering for communities across the country. We want to give you the confidence to make your kitchen the heartbeat of your home, and feel the rhythm pulsing throughout.

What content creation tools do you find most useful?

We love the brand tool in Adobe Express. It takes the effort out of creating content and means there’s always a continuous thread between all our assets.

What are your ambitions for the next 5 years?

We want to build our brand as a household name, and sell our products in supermarkets. We have a choice of heat profiles (for whether you love it hot or not) and we can provide easy-to-follow recipe cards. We’re here to show you how good Jamaican food is.

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Ingredients for growth.

Use these templates as key ingredients for building your own brand. Adobe Express does the heavy lifting while you bring the creativity. Choose your assets and with a few taps, create top-tier content for any use.

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